My topic, the Advancement in Telecommunications Throughout
History, is related to this years theme, Science, Technology and Invention
throughout History, because it illustrates how the invention of the telegraph,
telephone and Internet changed how people communicate with each other.

I obtained much of my information at the Upper Dublin Public Library.
Some examples of information I found are: “Seven Trails West”, which
explores the invention of the Transcontinental Telegraph, and it’s involvement
with Morse Code. Another book, “Alexander Graham Bell: Making
Connections” described what life was like for Alexander Graham Bell in the
course of his invention of the telephone. It also explains how Bell invented
something like a telephone, called the Photophone, and how it failed. This
book also contains one of Bell’s notebook entry’s, which describes the first
successful use of the telephone. Other books, “Inventing the Future” which
gives information on the invention of the telegraph, telephone and Internet
and their effects of the people of the time, and “The History Highway: A
Guide To Internet Sources” which explains in detail why the Internet was
invented, and how to use it as a tool to expand your knowledge in an area of
study. Another source I obtained was a brief history of the Internet, and the
life of Alexander Graham Bell. Both of these were obtained through a topic
search on the Internet.

I feel this subject is significant in illustrating this year’s History Day
topic because it clearly demonstrates how the technology used to improve
communication throughout the course of American History has affected the
lives of the people living then and now.