My most memorable moment was when my Grandpa was put in the hospital. It
was in December of 1995, right before Christmas. My Grandpa was really weak and he
fell one morning getting out of bed. They had to call an ambulance to come and get him.
He stayed in the hospital for about a week. Then we found that he wasn't going to be
able to come home right away since my Grandma was unable to take care of him. He
had to be put in a nursing home. Days went by then even weeks. On some days he was
okay, but on others he would talk out of his head. We went through most of the Holidays
and finally one day my Grandpa got to come home. Several weeks past and everything
was okay, but one day my Grandpa fell again. This time he was sent to the hospital and
the same day sent back to the nursing home.

It was now about February 28, and my Grandpa is even worse than he was the
first time. Most of the time now my Grandpa doesn't even remember people coming to
see him. He's mostly not in the right of mind all the time now, and he is getting worse as
the days go by. His lungs are slowly filling up with fluid. I know now that there is no
hope and that sooner or later he will die. Unfortunately I know that, that day will be very
soon now. That's all that can be done now is to sit and pray. I go to see my Grandpa
everyday after school. There were some nights on the weekends that I stayed all night.

Now it is around March 29th, and my Grandpa is getting worse by the minute.
they say that he could go any second now, but we set and wait and there is no change.
Now a week passes and there is no change. April 3, 1996 comes and today at about
10:59a.m. my grandpa dies. I did not know this because I was a school, and I thought
that someone would call me, but they didn't. I got home from school that day at about
3:30 and I new that something was wrong before anyone said anything. I knew this
because there was lots of cars at my Grandma's house. She told me how my Grandpa
died, and what time. She was with Grandpa when he died. She said that he didn't die
painfully. That was good because he had been through enough pain already.

I still missed him, and wanted him here even though I knew he was in a better
place, and was finally out of all his pain and misery. I still miss my Grandpa a lot
because I was really close to him. This April it will be two years that he has been gone. I
wish that he was here with me now. I miss all of the fun things that we used to do
together. I didn't even get to tell him good-bye or how much I loved him. this made me
realize how precious every single minute you spend with your family really is.