My Last Duchess

This is a poem about a story that dated back to the time of

aristocracy in Italy. The main character is the abominable Duke of

Ferrara. His behavior with people and his wife was detestable. His only

concern was his aristocratic heritage, condition that had induced him to

act in an arrogant manner.

After knowing everything about the Duke, if I were the

ambassador, I would make the following report to the Count:

In conversation with the Duke, attracted my attention his manners,

language and gestures. Everyone is concerned about the kind of man he

is. The Duke himself recognizes he is egoist, proud, arrogant, shrewd

and the most abominable of all things: murderous. He let everyone know

that he will not permit his will to be thwarted or his honor ignored.

He could not stand the joy the former duchess felt for things not

provided by him; like riding her white mule, watching sunset or

accepting a gift of fruits. Her behavior was an insult to him, so he has

her killed. The Duke was angry because she didnít recognize his

aristocratic heritage, which includes his name, rank and pride.

I was shock because the Duke thought that he behaved properly.

He turns conversation from the last Duchess to business including his

impending marriage and the dowry. The worst thing of all is that he

refers to his Duchess as an object, a possession added to his prized

collection. He has a portrait of the last Duchess which no one can see

without his authority as it is in a wall behind a curtain. This portrait

equals in pride to his prized statue of Neptune taming a sea horse.

My impression of the Duke is that he is a cruel depot, haughty,

interested only in his own benefits, thinking only in what pleases him

and that everyone has to pay homage to him. He couldnít stand his

honor to be ignored. Everyone has to obey him and do what he pleases.

In his speech the Duke reveals himself as selfish, insolent,

tyrannical, proud, etc.

Count, as you have a marriageable aristocratic daughter, she

should avoid any contact with the Duke, who wants to marry a girl like

her. Donít pay any attention to the Duke or make him or his words

impress you or your daughter. He has bad feelings.

In conclusion, the Duke is a very strange man, that uses his power

to do what he wishes. With his threat; language and actions, he makes

people sad and force them to stop smiling.