One day after school, on the kitchen table set a bowl of kiwi.
When I first saw it, I thought it appeared disgusting, almost like a
I peered at the skin first. The skin had hazel brown, woolly hair.
It was almost transparent, and was covered with chocolate brown spots.
Next, I noticed the shiny apple green fruit. The fruit was juicy looking. I
also noticed the moisture on the surface was making it shiny. The tiny
ebony seeds caught my attention next. The seeds were shaped like tear
drops. I noticed the core, too. The core was a soft pale yellow. It was in
a circular shape.
Next, I decided to smell my kiwi. The kiwi smelled like the fruit
section in the grocery store. It smelled of watermelon. The smell was
very invigorating.
I touched the skin of the kiwi next. The skin was rough, almost
like toad skin. It was very moist as well. Next, the fruit caught my
attention. The fruit was smooth. It was extremely slimy to the touch.
When I pulled my finger off the fruit of the kiwi, it felt sticky, almost not
letting my finger go. Next, I rubbed my fingers over the seeds. They
were so close together it was hard to feel one. When I managed to grab
one, I noticed how slick it was. It was smooth with tiny bumps that were
almost invisible to the touch. My hand was drawn to the core next. The
core was spongy and felt like the fruit, smooth and slick.
Next, I decided to listen to the sounds a kiwi could make. I pick
the slice up, and I dropped it with a loud thump. It almost sounded like
water sloshing in your boots. When I picked it back up, it sounded like a
sticker being pulled from your shirt.
After all of this examination, I decided to eat it, one part at a time.
I tried the skin first. It was tasteless, but was very crunchy. I next tried
the fruit. It was deliciously sour. It made my mouth water. Next, I tried
the seeds. They were like the skin, tasteless but crunchy. Then I tried
the core. It was really sweet.
After I had chewed all of the kiwi, I swallowed. I loved kiwi; it was
really delicious. I think that kiwi is my favorite fruit because of its sour
taste. I wish there was more than just one bowl of kiwi on the table.