My hands were slick with sweat as my shaking fingers cautiously pressed the button. The doorbell rang inside with a clang, and echoed so close to my ear I jumped in spite of myself. Suddenly, the door cracked open, and a pair of eyes shyly peeked out at me.
The next thing I knew, my friend's face was grinning back at me, as if I was the Christmas present she had always wanted. I was pulled by the hand inside the house, and standing in the doorway, I shouted as loud as I dared, "Happy birthday!" My friend's face turned crimson and said, "Shhhh!" as if I had told the world something secret she did not want people to know. It was Saturday, December 9th, and I was at the birthday party of my good friend, Jennifer Luu, who was turning 14. She is one of the most kindhearted and hilarious people I know, so I had been looking forward to the party all week.
Jennifer's sister, Julie, and a few of Jennifer's friends from eighth grade at the time, and I were invited, not including her mom and aunt. Jennifer's friends were Elise and Vanessa. We all sang along with the radio, tuned to our unanimously loved radio station, Z95.7 on the way to Sweet Tomatoes, the all you can eat type of resturant located somewhere near Cupertino.
When we opened the heavy doors of the restaurant, I was engulfed with wonderful smells of bubbling pasta, tossed salad, tomatoes, pizza right out of the oven, and mountains of all of the food I had dreamed of. My mouth immediately started watering, as I gazed at this wonderland. I ordered an iced cappuccino, and took a sip of that cool, refreshing drink. I gathered platefuls of what was to be my largest meal in a long time. Between the time I sat down and got up to leave, all of us chattered about Jennifer and her future. Perhaps she was to be the homecoming queen in her freshman year, who knew? We also gossiped about the current events at school, teachers, and our friends. We asked each other questions about winter break and if we were planning any special events. Despite the fact I was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation while shoveling the delicious food into my mouth, I managed to add in a few comments and jokes. At the end, when I was finally satisfied, there arrived a large, mysterious box. When we opened it, we exclaimed in dismay, "More food?!" It was the biggest and most beautiful ice cream cake I had ever seen, decorated with little miniature toys from Star Wars, which was Jennifer's favorite movie of all time. R2D2 and seemed to be smiling up at me. When we had finally eaten all that we could, we stumbled out of our chairs and staggered out into the hot afternoon sun, and then into their shady comfortable car.
We drove to a movie theater, and got tickets and popcorn (which was their mom's idea) for a movie I had anticipated watching for a long time. As I held the buckets of popcorn in my lap and wondered if I should either pretend to trip and spill it or give it back, I looked over at the people siting in my row and thought, "How wonderful it is to have such great people as friends." When I looked back to the towering movie screen, the movie had already begun. I was sucked into the enchanting story of Anastasia, and sat there, oblivious, until the movie had ended. I told Jennifer that it was indeed, the best movie I had ever seen.
We all rode home, and in the lamplight of Jenniferís living room, made the cutest balloon animals there were, with the aid of Jenniferís aunt. We also made silly hats that made our hair stick and stand straight up, and swords in which we pretended to be Dark Vader, fighting courageous Luke Skywalker. When we were all exhausted and huffing and puffing from our game, we decided it was time to open presents. At every one, Jennifer flashed the person who had given the present a