My Favorite Book

Ever dreamed of being able to go anywhere and "any when" you desire? Ever feel like being whisked away to your dreams? Well, I have, and through the series of books by Anne McCaffrey The Dragonriders of Pern, I have come to realize those wishes and dreams. Of all the 100\'s of books that I have read, these, based in the far future on a distant planet but not so distant as you might think, stand out for being the best. The Skies of Pern, the latest in the series, stands out even more and has earned the title, My Favorite. Throughout this account, I will share with you the struggles, trials and victories of the heroic Dragonriders of Pern. Reader, brace yourself for the journey of a lifetime!

Typical of her style, Anne McCaffrey starts off her books with a kind of sudden dramatic event, in this case, a raid on a Healer Hall, smashing new medicines and tools. This only thickens the soup, however, because what pops up next is a total surprise. As much as I would love to share such details with you, it would be so much more fun to go on and tell you about other reasons why I so love this book. Throughout the 3‑4 months that this book elapses, many things would go wrong for the planet of Pern, forcing the Dragonriders, the planetís ancestral defenders from the original charter, to defend the planet from an even greater menace as an asteroid about 2 miles across slams into the West Gash Sea, sending tsunamis a mile high to smash into the unprotected cotholds and seaholds on the Nerat Coast. Then, as if enough wasn\'t really enough, the dissenters from the Outer Ring Islands lead another raid on the Crom mines and destroyed much valuable hardware. As you can see, life is nothing short of a continuous waking nightmare for the Dragonriders, defending their home against the deadly menaces of man and nature. Yet somehow they always manage to pull through and save the day.

On top of all of the obvious mess with the dissenters and asteroids and Thread Fall, many internal conflicts are interwoven throughout the plot of the story, forcing the reader to really have to pay attention to the book in order to catch all that is actually happening in the unseen world of the human mind. For example, while the heroic Dragonriders are attempting to evacuate the Nerat coast, teleporting themselves on their magnificent beasts through space and time itself to waylay the impending disaster, the dissenters actually have the gall to accuse them of creating the disaster to elicit further support of the Weyrs (the home of Dragons and their Riders)(W‑eer‑z) by the Holds and Crafthalls. Upon showing its ugly head, this problem gives rise to another conflict that will shake the very foundations of Pern. A group of dissenters is caught trying to break into a Weyr! By this time, the plot is as thick as pea soup and interwoven with the storyline to the point that you can\'t really tell them apart anymore. Nor would you try, because by this point, you would be enthralled in the richness of the tale unfolding before of you.

Various people of Pern will come to be known as you continue through the story, the most prevalent of which would be the Dragonriders themselves. A story canít be complete without a compelling set of characters, and this story has it all. From the lowly scoundrel out to cause trouble, to the noble Dragonrider protecting his home from not only the ravages of Thread, but those who would wish to destroy it. You will meet people like FíLessan, Bronze Golanthís rider, to FíLar and Lessa, the Weyrleaders of Benden Weyr. A whole host of compellingly written characters will excite and compel you, humor and sadden you. And oh how the treads of Fate were cruel to young FíLessan and his mate Tai, Green Pathís rider! But like all things, you will have to form your own opinion about who are the villains, and who are the heros for Pern. It will also be up to you, the reader, to decide which dream you would wish to pursue, and