My Essay on the Mafia Marriage.

Many people think that the mafia is glamorous and exciting in reality

Its not this way in the mafia works in the really life.

The general things about the mob was that no matter what you said or did to one guy of the mob or how much you paid them, they would take your money and still beat you up and no questions asked.

In the novel the mafia marriage and the novel is by Rosalie bonanno
the topic of the mafia is explored .This book shows the negative effects of the mob and how they work and what they do to live and still be in the mob. There are negative effects on the wives of the mobsters manly loneliness and betray another negative effect is one children. They never knew what having a father really meant. Having a family member part of the mafia has negative effects on the family unit as shown in the novel: The mafia marriage and the author of the book that I’ am reading to you is by: Rosalie bonanno

The effect on the wife is that is lonely.

The effect on the wife that their her and her family can’t see or no talk to there father or husband because he is never home to talk to his family about or he’s wife about how her day want and what they did and the wife can’t do that’s because the husband is never home for her to talk to him’’ A quote from the novel mafia marriage’’