My educational goals are to obtain a Masters degree in Urban Planning focusing on international social planning. My hope is by securing a solid foundation in urban and rural development and planning along with a concentration in international and social affairs that this will prepare me for a lasting career in social issues. My long-term professional goal is to work for an international organization consulting in international social affairs. This is the ultimate objective I plan to pursue. Nevertheless, I do acknowledge that in life plans can be altered due to uncontrollable circumstances. Although this may be the case, I believe that a Masters in Urban Planning will prepare me for the various challenges of life because of the program's wide variety of disciplines it incorporates.
The goals I have set for the future are rooted in my personal experiences and travel. My first experience was a mission trip to Trinidad and Tobago. In Trinidad and Tobago, I helped build a house and worked in the squatter settlement with the children. Also, my family has hosted six foreign exchange students from Guatemala. Through establishing relationships with each of them and visiting Guatemala for a few weeks, I have gained a sense of the social inequalities in Guatemala City and how these inequalities influence the political structure and development of the city. Finally, I interned in East London last Spring semester at a private urban regeneration firm. Through this internship I became aware of the unique relationship between East London and central London. The east London area is one of the poorest areas in Britain.
The Hubert H. Humphrey Institute will provide a solid base to learn about international and social planning. With the use of classes and an internship, the advantage of academic and hands on experience is beneficial.