My diary

Dear diary 2-5-65

Hello diary I am Alex Dubov I live in Ann Arbor Michigan I am 60 brown hair and I am 19 years old. Presently there is trouble brewing in our goverment there at this point is a very good chance that there will be a war between the U.S and Vietnam and I may be shipped out to go fight because I am currently enlisted in the army for my college degree and I am worried.

Dear diary

The U.S is has just declared war on Vietnam I am very worried that I shall be shipped out with the rest of them. It really upset me when Muhhamad Ali the world heavyweight title holder in boxing was put in jail after refusing to go to war because of religius reasons and he was also fined 10,000 dollars plus striped of his boxing title. It will be my birthday soon on the 16th of April I do not write in you so often I just keep you up to date on current events.

Dear diary

Today is my birthday!!! It is a happy day I received a VW Bug it is cool I went tearing around in it today it was extremely fun because it is mine! On another note I am also glad because I have not gotten shipped to Vietnam -yet.

Dear diary,

Today I got the much dreaded slip that says that I am going to be shipped to Vietnam in one week from Fitzgerald air base. I am very sad that

I have to leave my family behind and that the prospect of not returning scares me badly, my term there is one year. Yet I think that this whole war is completely absurd and pointless, Vietnam is invading Cambodia and so we have to butt ourselves in.

Dear diary,

I think that I shall take you with me diary and shall record my adventures I am at the base now and I am about to board a airplane to Vietnam and I am worried about what will happen to me while I am there, I will not be a coward even if I do not like the U.S.s reasons for sending me there.

Dear diary,

I have arrived in a beautiful country where it is hot and humid and I have arrived at the start of the rainy season and I am to go straight to my bunker which is going to be my base for the next year as a place to rest after our very long missions I will be leaving you the diary here.

Dear diary,

I have just returned from my first mission and I have deduced that war is bad, three out of my fifty man unit died on this mission. I myself shot and killed a Vietnamese soldier I put three bullets into him and I then kinda froze I could see in his eyes he did not want to be here as well as me and yet he was falling to the ground dead with three holes in him yet me I am still here.

Dear diary,

I have come back from my second mission and on this one it was harder because it had rained and it was very slippery going yet I pulled

through it yet eight of ours did not. I killed two people this time yet this mission really was hard on the mind because about five days into the mission the guy in front of me got blown to bits because he stepped on a mine and the force of it blew me off my feet yet I only got a few burns and bruises on me.

Dear diary

I just got back from a search and destroy mission that involved burning down two villages in our region it was hard for me because these people were only suspected of hiding weapons for their soldiers yet not proven guilty. One man died on the way to a village by a mine, those cursed mines!

Dear diary,
Today is my last day here because I got shot twice one in my left leg and one in my left arm, the doctor says that I shall live but cannot use my left arm as well as I used to. In this mission it