My curiosity was raised directly from beginning of the book when the narrator said, “Marta was nineteen.” By this sentence I found out that there is a girl named Marta involved and that she is nineteen year old. That means that she will from now on be counted as a grown up and she most deal with more responsibilities in her life. She has the same age as me and I probably will found common every day themes from her life that I may have to deal with too. Then many question popped up in my mind. Is she applying for university? Does she go to school? Does she have a job? Does she have a boyfriend? However I continued to read to found out more about her. While she was looking down the skyscraper she saw many different detailed aspects of life. However one that caught my eye was “powerful men, and women who were even more powerful” This raised more question. Is the thesis of the story about power and success? She also saw other aspects of life like parties, desires, affairs and dream of greatness and glory. Then I understood that this story for sure has something to do with success of life. In the next sentence she hopelessly jumps down the skyscraper! However this was against success because she will die and her dream will not get successful. Maybe she wanted to reach a successful life and jumping down was a metaphor of starting the risk of life. In the next paragraph she sees rich people in the top floor having fun and making silly conversation. From here I counted the skyscraper our society and when she jumped was the time she started to join the grown up world. When she was falling down people notices her and some people wanted to help her too however she refused their help. Maybe she fills that she most reach the success by her own and she shouldn’t have anybodies help. When her friends ask her to join them for a drink she doesn’t have time for them and she continuous reaching to her destination. She also meets a young, tall man that tries to help her but she again refuses. This shows that she doesn’t want to have any affair until she reaches her goal then she successfully can reach the rest of her dreams. She refers to some people as “beautiful people” and she feel happy that she was wanted by some of them, however she continuous to her destination. I think that she is very sure about herself and she knows that people like her and wants her however this is not the time for her to stop and she most go on to reach her goal.
Her time is referred as gravity. You cannot stop gravity because it keeps pulling you down all the time. It’s the same thing with the time you cannot stop time or go back in time. In the story some of her friends ask her again to come to their party however because that the gravity is pulling her down she could not stop and answer. She just continued her journey.

She is now on the level that she can observe businesses. I think that until now she was dealing with problems in university or college. However she has graduated from university or college and now she is looking for a good job. She is reaching the ground soon and that means that she is reaching her goals. However on the ground there is a party that she always dreamed about ever since she was a child but there are other prettier girls that is going to that party too. She is dressed shabby little dress while the other girls were dressed high fashion. Now that she is seeing the competition she is getting scared and losing the assurances that she had when she started. She is afraid that she will not reach the prom in time. I think that she has found the job she always was dreaming about however because of the competition that is out there she is terrified that they may not give her the job, maybe the other girls are