My Antonia-Essay #4

"I remembered what the conductor said about her(Antonia) eyes. They were big and warm and full of light, like the sun shining on brown pools in the wood. Her skin was brown too, and in her cheeks she had a glow of rich ,dark colour"(17). Willa Cather portrays Antonia as an "Earth Mother" to show and recognize all that these hard-working immigrants did to spring life and vitality to this country. She helps her land to grow, her children to grow, and her country to grow.
Antonia is a diligent young lady who helps to cultivate the earth and bring life to the ground she walks on. " I ain't got time to learn. I can work like mans now.....I help make this land one good farm"(80). She truly was an ‘Earth Mother' because she sacrificed her schooling to help farm and harvest so generations after her would have it easy then her. Sacrifice is one of the qualities of motherhood.
As well as actually being a ‘mother' to the earth, she was also a real mother. "Father Kelley says everybody is put into this world to do something, and I know what I've got to do, I'm going to see that my little girl has a better chance than I ever had. I'm going to take care of that girl, Jim"(206). Antonia brings a life into this world and vows to take care of it, no matter what heartaches and struggles she will go through. She is showing compassion, a quality of motherhood.
Antonia also has many other kids later on in her life. She is a very fertile lady who springs the life and vitality of this country. Because of all the kids she has, she will bring forth vitality for a very long time. "Anton, Yulka, Nina, where are you all? Run, Anna, hunt for the boys"(214). She is a very fertile lady who wants to have many children, even if it meant struggles. She has love, a quality of motherhood.
But not only has Antonia given forth so many children. She is still as energetic and joyful as when she was a kid, truly an ‘Earth Mother' whom springs the life and vitality of this country.
"I know so many women who have kept all the thing that she had lost, but whose inner glow as faded. Whatever else was gone, Antonia had not lost the fire of life"(216). Her energetic nature and many immigrants like her kept the country going when nothing else would.
Antonia is a hard-working woman who helps the land grow, helps her children grow, and helps her country grow. She sacrifices, shows compassion and love to those around her, all qualities of motherhood. She is truly an ‘Earth Mother' from whom springs the life and vitality of this country.