Music-The Timeless Language
Music has been around since the Ancient Greeks’ use of the lyre and flute for entertainment. Music grew from these simple instruments to complex symphonies of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. Modern music ranges from symphonies, rock and roll, to rap. All of these forms of music share the ingredients that keep music popular. Involvement in music furnishes a person with the ability to communicate, use time wisely, and to have fun.

Music has a use that might not be as noticeable at first; you can communicate to the player and writer of the song. First of all, there are no language barriers. Every note will always be the same, which means you could play a piece that a Japanese man or woman wrote and not have any trouble. One way that you can communicate using music is by the way the player plays it. When playing a march or folk song, the player is probably in a good mood. Not only because of the upbeat tempo can you communicate with the player, but also you can communicate with the writer. If the writer always writes slow, sad songs, then he probably is a depressed man. He may be expressing the way he feels. Robert King wrote “Trombone King”, which is a march that sounds like the circus, and as it turns out, when Robert was a boy, he ran away to the circus. Communicating with others is obviously a great purpose of music.

Music also provides a way to use time actively, and productively. If a person is bored, it is easy to pick up an instrument and play a song or two. Music will also provide a break in a busy schedule. Playing music keeps a person from being passive and lazy. It can take the place of too much sleeping, watching T.V., or just wasting time. In addition, music will provide a person with useful, life-long skills. A person never really will forget how to play an instrument even if he or she has not practiced in a long time. Understanding the notes, pauses, or beat will provide enjoyment of music for the rest of a person’s life. Music definitely helps a person become an active learner.

The main reason people play music revolves around the fact that music provides fun and enjoyment. Playing challenging pieces of music will give an opportunity to grow. A person will learn new skills and build on old skills. A feeling of accomplishment and pride will accompany playing apiece well. Friends can share conversation about the music they play. They can discuss the high and low points of a piece of music, and will always have something to share. The best part of playing music is being in a group such as a band, orchestra, or quartet. Nothing can equal the feeling of hearing all the beautiful instruments playing together at the same time. You can always think that without you the band’s sound would not be the same. Music provides pleasurable experiences.

Music obviously entertains people in many diverse ways. Whether a person listens to rap, jazz, or classical, elements of these types of music will live on for future generations. The form of music in the future may change, but the heart of music is TIMELESS!!!