Music and Violence

Throughout the years, many people have perceived the lyrics of particular songs to be Satanist, hateful, and even violent. Some of these songs have been banned from radio play to even being cut completely from the music scene. The bands themselves, claim that what is said in the lyrics should not go any further than what is said. We have all heard of riots after concerts and even the stories about the kids who kill their parents because Marilyn Manson told them to.
I strongly believe that when you listen to a song, you listen because you enjoy it. Sure, there are some strange bands out there that love to sing about things that are concerning death, drugs, and sex. The point is that just because you here something that a band tells you, you donít just run out and do these things. If you listen to a song and the song talks about drugs and how cool drugs are than you need to realize that drugs are cool for this band not for you.
There has been an increase in violent music in the past 8 years. There has been music containing subliminal messages dating back to the fiftyís and sixties. For all that we know bands could have been speaking out about violence for years. Some of the most renown are the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and Janis Joplin. These groups were known for praising the use of drugs and hallucinogens. In these particular groups, a member from each band has died or became mentally insane due to prior drug use.
The 1970ís and 1980ís were not always as bad. There were still the same bands that were doing the same things. In the 1980ís there were three major songs that people thought were to be Satanist and particularly violent. These songs were "Highway to Hell" by ACDC, "Hotel California" by The Eagles, and "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica. "Highway to Hell" was believed to mean that if you did what the song said it would get you to hell. This song was banned from radio in the 1980ís. "Hotel California" was believed to be Satanist which was almost banned from radio, but the Eagles managed to convince the media otherwise. "Seek and Destroy" caused all kinds of problems. As you can see by the title it is describing someone/something finding its prey and killing it. There was a case in 1985 in which a kid killed his parents and sister and blamed it on the song and the group. The kid told the court that Metallica convinced him to do it.
Now that we have made it through four different decades, it is time to move into the worst of them all. The 1990ís have been known to as bringing in such violent driven bands such as Rage Against the Machine, who describe how bad the government sucks and politics. Nine Inch Nails who are driven by the insane genius Trent Reznor, and probably the most recent mastermind of violence Marilyn Manson. Manson aka (The Reverend, Antichrist, and the Omega) is the craziest of them all. All of these bands have been known as being violent and psycho.
Every one of these bands I have told you about are all after the same things. These bands are about money, and power. The problem is that you have kids who go out and listen to these songs and begin to act on what the lyrics are describing. There have also been situations in which people begin to worship a particular band, following them and doing what they say. Some of the most renown followers are the Dead Heads of the Grateful Dead. Some of these so called Dead Heads followed the band around for years at a time. Making there way to the next show by selling beer, drugs, and even crafts.
I feel that there is way to much of a label put on music. I believe that if you think that just because a band sings a song about killing someone that you shouldnít go out and do it. Violence is everywhere we look. It is in everything we see. When we turn on the television at night we hardly ever hear about good things. We