Museum of Modern Art

Without thinking I will chose museums, because museums attracts me the most of all entertainments in any city I visited during my job trips or just to spend time in a nice city like the one I will go to San Francisco in the USA. This city exactly will remained me of it’s most famous museum with specially Romanian design that I am really living in a room in the past years.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the first museum on the west coast dedicated to 20th century art. It first opened in 1935 but underwent a major restoration in January of 1995. They used many historical influences, but the most common is definitely the influence of Roman architecture.

The museum color alone makes it stand out from the background. The vibrant brick façade is a visual shocker when viewed against the bland grays of the adjacent buildings and even the liquid blue sky. As a viewer standing on the street, looking up at the building, you are suddenly forced to forget about any other structure. I personally have become distracted a number of times while driving past it in the heavy traffic, only to be brought back to reality by the sound of impatient horns behind me.

The building itself brings to mind ancient Roman structures. The shape of the building makes you feel like you’re climbing a mountain, just by looking at it. Controlling the viewers gaze was a common theme in Roman architecture

The final and most famous part of it that equates it to ancient Roman architecture is the oculus. An unusual addition, the oculus skylight it the main source of natural light inside the museum, as well as being a ascetically pleasing sight on the outside.

I think every body visit San Francisco should go to The SFMOMA and enjoy the luxury and true living in the past a while.