Murder at Manderley

I remember her all to well, the first Mrs. de Winter. She was a very mean and uncaring woman. I donít think I will ever be able to forget her, mainly because she was blackmailing me. Somehow she found out that I burned my parents house to the ground in an angered rage.

It was a very bright night, the sky was illuminated with the bright light of the full moon. I decided to take a walk along the beach to look at the stars. As I walked I came upon Mrs. de Winterís cottage. I had always wondered what the cabin looked like inside and the lights were dim so I decided to take a peek in through the window. As I walked up to the window I accidentally stepped on a twig. Then all of a sudden the lights got brighter and there she was in the window. She glared at me for a second, then she opened the window and said ďIf I ever catch you near my cottage again, then I will tell the police our little secret.Ē She smiled and then she slammed the window down.

Lucky for me though, she didnít have a chance to tell the police my horrible secret. She committed suicide the next night, at least thatís what everyone thought.

The next night was a cloudy, dreary night. I was still curious about the cottage, so I decided to take another walk. When I came upon her cottage, the door was open and the lights were dim, so I decided to take a look inside, but as I was walking up to the cottage I heard footsteps behind me so I darted in the cottage and hid in a closet. I had been in there for about 5 minutes when I began to smell smoke, thatís when I knew it was Mrs. de Winter, she had a terrible smoking habit.

I had been in there for about a half an hour, when I heard the door slam open. It was Maxim, he was very angry. They began to argue about Favell, then all of sudden I heard a gun shot. At first it startled me and I let out a little shriek, but he didnít hear it.

After a few minutes I heard the door close, so I cracked the door a little bit. What I saw was a horrible sight, there she was in a pool of blood. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and she was pale as a ghost.

About five minutes later, Maxim returned with a mop. He set the mop down on the floor, then he went and took her body outside somewhere. He returned 10 minutes later and cleaned up the blood. After he left I burst out of the closet and ran as hard as I could away from the cottage.

That night I vowed to myself to never tell anybody what happened that terrible night and to this day I have kept that vow.