Multiple Sclerosis Diego Toro

Multiple Sclerosis is a very common disease of the central nervous system, brain

and spinal cord. Multiple Sclerosis builds up this inflammation called Myelin. Myelin is

A fatty material that insulates nerves. The Myelin does not let the message from the nerve

To the brain and this causes the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

Symptoms depend on which part of the nervous system have been affected.

Everyone who has Multiple Sclerosis have different symptoms. The most commonly

Blurring of vision, loss of balance, unstable walking, weakness in the legs, abnormal

Speech such as speaking slow, Sexuality and intimacy, impotence, diminished arousal,

Loss of sensation. Some of these symptoms are obvious while others are often hidden


Women are most likely do develop Multiple Sclerosis than men. Multiple

Sclerosis occurs fifty percent more frequently in women than men. Multiple Sclerosis is

A disease and occurs around 29-33 years of age. Multiple Sclerosis is not contagious, or

An inherited disease. Multiple Sclerosis appears to be a disease of temperate rather than

Tropical climates. There is a greater chance for you to get it if you live far away from the


Multiple Sclerosis is clinically diagnose there are no test which are specific for

The condition and no single test are 100% conclusive. Therefore there has to be more test

And procedures are needed to establish a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and they include

The following investigation.

The physician will ask for medical history which include the symptoms and the

Current status of your health. The pattern of symptoms may suggest Multiple Sclerosis.

The neurologist testes for abnormalities in the nerve pathway. Evoked potentials

Measure the time taken for the brain to receive and interpret messages. This is done by

Placing small electrodes on the head which monitor brain waves in response to visual

And auditory stimuli. They take a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This scanner is

More recent diagnostic test. This takes very detailed pictures of the brain and spinal cord,

Showing any area with Sclerosis. They take fluids from around the brain and spinal cord

And test it for antibiotics. There really is no cure but this process is only to find out if you

got Multiple Sclerosis or not.