I choose to do my research paper on the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, because I
think that he is a very interesting, inspirational, and good man. I think that a lot of
people do not know about the problems that are going on right now in Tibet. If more
people were aware of these problems that I am going to explain then more people could
try to persuade higher authorities to step in and try to stop the problems. It is sad that the
most powerful country, America, cannot listen to the pleas of a man to save his country.
What this man has done alone is amazing. In March of 1959 when he fled to India in
exile, thousands of his followers came with him. They gave up their lives to follow this
one man. This proves that was a country that was spiritualy dedicated. I do not believe
in the teachings of Buddhism but I do believe that this man is an above average person.
When the Dalai Lama was only three years old he was answering questions that were far
above his level. Maybe some day the world will help out Tibet as a whole. Right now
our government chooses to ignore the problem and allows a honorable trade status.

The Dalai Lama’s real name is Lhamo Thondup. He was born on July 6, 1935.
He was born in a small village called Taktser in Amdo, Tibet. His name in Tibet means
Roaring Tiger. Taktser is a small and poor settlement. The small village stands on a hill
overlooking a valley. The pastures have not been farmed for a very long time, only
grazed by nomads because the weather there is very unpredictable. Taktser is located in
the providence of Amdo, which is located in the far north-eastern side of Tibet. The
Dalai Lama’s parents were small farmers. They leased a small amount of land and grew
barley, buckwheat, and potatoes. More often, they would lose their crop to hailstorms or
drought. Their animals were a more reliable source of produce. They had five or six
dzomos(a cross between a yak and a cow) for milking and a couple of chickens for eggs.
They also had around 80 goats and sheep, a few horses and a couple of yaks. The Dalai
Lama’s parents were mostly substantial farmers but sometimes his father would trade
grain for different household items. Money was not very useful in small villages. The
Dalai Lama was born in a typical house for that area in Tibet. It was made with stone
and mud with a flat roof. Inside there were six rooms: a kitchen, a prayer room, his
parents room, a spare room for guests, a storeroom for their food, and a byre for the
cattle. The children had no room for themselves. As a baby, the Dalai Lama slept with
his mother. When he was older he slept in the kitchen with his siblings. The Dalai Lama
remembers his father being a man with a short temper. Once the Dalai Lama pulled his
father’s mustache and got hit. The Dalai Lama’s mother was known to be a very nice
and caring person. Once, when China was having a famine, many Chinese people fled
their country looking for food. A small family stopped by the Dalai Lama’s house asking
for food. His mother gave the family all the food that they had. Most of the Dalai
Lama’s brothers went away to monasteries to become monks. It wasn’t until the Dalai
Lama was three that he was noticed as the 14th Dalai Lama.

In 1933 the 13th Dalai Lama died at the age of 57. When he passed away he was
in a state of meditation. In his trance he faced his head north-east. Later the senior monk
had a vision while staring into a lake by a monastery. He saw the letters: AH, KA, and
MA. After that he saw a image of a three-storied monastery with gold and turquoise roof
and a path running from it to a hill. He also saw an image of a house with strange
guttering. He was sure that the letters AH stood for Amdo, a north eastern providence.
Since that was also the direction that the 13th Dalai Lama was looking when he died, that
is were the search party went. When the search party arrived at Amdo, they were sure
that the letters KA must stand for Kumbum, a large monastery by that area. In Tibet, the