Mr. Mouse
September 16, 2002Eng Hn 2Period 2
I am a great student, I have been told so by teachers all the time I am hardly ever late and donít tell big lies. I do remember though a time when I was done wrong by a teacher and could do nothing.

I was in my freshman year of high school and I was afraid of everything including my shadow, that bastard was always following me. I had a teacher that was new to me his system his everything he reminded me of a fat Swiss guy he was short and hid behind his glasses. He was also teaching us keyboarding one of the worst classes ever created for the high school student. It all went by so quickly, first he would never call on me, it seemed like he had it in for me. We were doing these stupid assignments, which consisted of typing some business papers, otherwise known as busy work so he could do his own thing. He left the room. I continued typing until I heard my short, white, obnoxious friend from behind. He was of the crazy blonde (sorta blonde) energetic type so there was no stopping him once he started doing something.

"Hey Favio Iím done man.Ē

ďGood for you little buddy."

"Favio I got an idea."

"What is the idea?Ē

I asked him knowing it was probably something stupid. I heard all of his crazy idea which consisted of him making me a copy of the paper with my name at the top so I wouldn\'t have to go through the trouble of doing mine. I\'m not going to lie I though about it for a second or two or maybe three but I decided not to go through with it. I turned in my paper and felt nothing of it. The next day I went to class as if nothing had happened because nothing had I turned in my paper and didnít accept my friend\'s, "cheat paper".

Here comes the part I happened to hate the most in my life the part where all the years of hearing my mother say stand up for yourself never let people walk all over you. Mr. Fat Swiss man comes up to me.

"Why did you cheat of your friend\'s paper?"

"Um I didnít cheat Mr. Mouse."

My face turned blood red cause this Mr. Mouse was a man that would eat you alive if you screwed with him.

"Donít lie to me, cheaters in my class will have zeros on all the papers they cheat off of." He yelled this out loud grabbing the attention of everyone in the room. He left.

After class I went directly to my counselorís office, I needed to vent and vent is what I would do. I told Mr. Jackson everything that happened. He told me that I should confront him at 10 periods. I went through my day planning like a soldier what I would say, do and how I would do these things in front of my enemy.

It finally came to 10 periods I asked to talk to him. He suggested a different room. They way he said lets go to a different room was like a soldier being shot at from all sides I automatically felt barraged with pressure and well like soldiers do when they are scared, and over whelmed. The soldier in my head turned tail and ran like a bat out of hell. I forgot everything I was to tell this man.

I did not blank for a long time, I decided that I should tell this man how I felt about him accusing me of cheating, and I did.

I told him all about what my little friend said and made sure he knew the fact that I had told Mr. Jackson because I felt really bad that he had told the whole class about what had happened.

It took me a while to get over that. I kept thinking in my head all of the things I should have done differently. I did not defend myself at that time but I learned that and next time a teacher crosses the line I will make sure I am there