More teens today are obtaining their privilege to drive. As a result of having their

license, teenagers tend to feel freedom upon the roadways. A growing epidemic of being an

aggressisive driver is popular among the younger drivers. This aggressive tendency is not only

growing, but is also affecting today's roadways. The best way to deal with such a problem is first

not to be one.

The problem among young driver's is increasing, and something has to be done.

A solution to this problem is the provisional licensing system. The provisional license will bring a

stricter driving system to a student driver. Some of these restrictions include: nighttime driving

restrictions, a required number of hours of practice, pessenger restrictions, accelerated penalties,

requirement of a safe driving course, and an increased licensure age. All of which restrictions

won't only help the student to be aware of the consequences, but also make them a more careful


There are many little things of driving that should be taken more into

consideration. Many of the state laws require young drivers to wear safety belts.

This requirement should be more enforced not only to new driver's, but everyone.

If a student is to fail to follow restrictions, that student shall be given an accelerated penalty.

If a student is to fail the driver's exam on their first time, an extende waiting period between

attempts should be given. A student should also be required to be enrolled in a driver improvement

program upon obtaining a student driver's permit. Most states do make drivers get a learner's

permit before applying for a full license. The young driver therefore should hold the permit for a

minimum length of time and impose more restrictive requirements for the accompanying driver.

As of the many solutions there may be for reducing accidents among young

drivers, the strict provisional license seems to be the most effective. The way this would work is

that, the issued provisional license must be turned in at the end of the learning period.

The student would learn on a stricter way of driving, and follow their driving proficiency when

issued a full license.

Making a stricter law of obtaining a driver's license would have the mind of future

driver's really think about how important it is to know all safety rules, regulations, and the big

responsibility of being a safe driver. This will not only benefit other drivers but also yourself.

The practices of these restrictions can definetely decrease the number of teenage related car

accidents, but also increase the number of safe drivers too.