Modern Relevancy of A Christmas Carol
Christmas is a joyous time that many people around the world celebrate. Although the holiday is celebrated in different ways, gift giving remains as a universal aspect. Charles Dickens wrote a wonderful story about Christmas-time over one hundred and fifty years ago, but many people today can use the morals that the story possesses. A Christmas Carol is considered by many people to be one of the greatest stories ever written and although it is old, the ideas that it holds about Christmas are still relevant to our society today. The Christmas of the past and our modern Christmas are not much different, although in our times gift giving is more emphasized than the true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Christ.
Ebenezer Scrooge was a lonely old man that had a heart of stone. His idea of Christmas was a time for his business. Almost nothing could break through his cold heart. Scrooge would say, "Bah Humbug!" at every person he spotted celebrating the Christmas holiday. He would even put down his nephew because of his Christmas Spirit. The Cratchit's, however, spent their Christmas enjoying the company and warmth of each other. They found a way to have a wonderful time, despite their money problems. In this day and age, Christmas is also known as a time to spend with loved ones. The winter holidays are the most joyful because of the time we spend with our close friends and relatives. No one could ever be happy spending Christmas by themselves, especially in our society. However, there is a difference between Christmas one hundred years ago and Christmas in the present. These days, giving gifts is considered more important than celebrating Jesus Christ's birth or spending time with family. In the 1800's nothing was more important at Christmas than family.
Charles Dickens portrayed different morals to be learned in A Christmas Carol. His display of Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas taught that Christmas was a time to think about matters more important than money, such as family and close friends. Today, many people still play Scrooge's part in their life and don't realize that money is not the only vital part in existence. Selfishness is also a moral taught in the story. The Ghost of Christmas Present showed Scrooge the poverty and suffering that some families had to suffer through during Christmas. Although Scrooge was not a kind man in the beginning, the lessons he learned from the Ghosts of Christmas opened his cold heart and convinced him to help everyone he saw in need, especially Tiny Tim and the Cratchit family. These morals can surely be put to use in our society. Many people are wealthy, but don't consider using their money to help those in need. A Christmas Carol could help open the eyes of some of those selfish people, especially if they can associate with Scrooge.
A Christmas Carol would make an impression on many people's ideas of Christmas even if it were written in the past decade. Although the characters and the setting are based in the mid-1800's, the overall effect can be associated with Christmas of any year. Maybe even people celebrating Christmas in the future can relate to the morals displayed in A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens' did an incredible job of writing a timeless novel that can be read during Christmas of any year and still hold relevance.