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c) Explain why there are different attitudes to Euthanasia in Christianity

All Christians are against euthanasia because they believe life is sacred
and belongs to God. The Bible states quite clearly that Christians must
not murder and euthanasia could be seen as murder. They also believe
euthanasia is wrong because many Church leaders have said that only God can
decide when someone should die. Doctors should save lives, not kill and if
we allowed doctors to give people euthanasia this would be giving them
double standards.

However, some Christians accept that doctors should be allowed to give pain
killing drugs even if they know it will shorten the patients life. This is
because they believe in the doctrine of double effect. Some Christians do
not agree with switching off life support machines but many Christians
believe this should be allowed if there are no signs of life because God
has already ended the life.


a) Outline Christian teachings on wealth and poverty (6)

Most Christians believe that money itself is not bad but how you use it is
important. They believe that Christians have a duty to provide for
themselves and their families, so they need money, but they should make
money in a lawful & moral way. Jesus taught Christians many things about
wealth, such as the Parable of the Rich Fool which teaches that if you are
concerned only with your wealth then you will not go to heaven, and the
Parable of the Sheep and the Goats which teaches Christians to care for
those who are less fortunate.

b) Explain why there is a need for world development. (8)
There are different reasons why world development is needed, these all link
to the fact that we are interdependant; countries all depend on one
Firstly, there is a need for world development because the United
Declaration of Human Rights says that everyone has the right to be treated
equally and live with dignity and world development is needed to make this
Secondly, world development is needed because the world is a global village
where rich nations depend on poor nations for essential items and the poor
nations deserve to be rewarded for this.
A third reason we need world development is because we live in a capitalist
system, so the rich countries need the poor countries to have enough money
to buy their goods.
A final reason that there is a need for world development is because it may
help to stop violence like the terrorism attacks on 9/11.

c) 'Giving money to religious agencies is the best way to get rid of world
poverty' (8)

F =
All religions teach specific things about wealth
Religious people would be dedicated to the cause because of their beliefs
Christians teach that wealth should be shared
Groups like Muslim Aid and Chritian Aid are working to solve world poverty

A =
Poverty is not only helped by religious organisations
The problem is too vast for religious organisations to solve
The government and charities also help to relieve world poverty
Groups such as Oxfam, who are not specifically religious, provide aid to
help world poverty.

Muslims believe in giving a percentage of their wealth to charity, zakah
Religious teachings about wealth would encourage their work
Religious agencies would be able to gain support from the religious

M =
I agree/disagree with the statement because...
Also I feel that...