Moby Dick

Moby Dick is an extremely long novel
written by Herman Melville. This book is an epic tale of a
crazed sea captain hunting the whale that bit off his leg told
through the eyes of a school teacher. As the story begins
Ishmael is at the local boating dock looking for work.
Ishmael being a school teacher has allot of time off as of the
moment because the school is at recess, for what reason i
don't know. He is in a tavern talking amongst the whalers.
He asks if they know of any ships on witch he could board
as a hand for the captain. One of the stories he receives is of
a man named Ahab. He is offering good pay and good work
for any man who wants to join him on his ship. the only
problem is that people say that he is a rather evil man.
Ishmael shes one of the ships hands and boards for a trip
witch he will never forget. The ship sets sail and every thing
seems to be going smoothly. Everything except one tiny
detail, Ishmael hasn't seen the captain Ahab. He knows hes
there because he has heard men talking to him, but Ishmael
has yet to see him. When Ishmael finally dose see captain
Ahab he is shocked. The man is a very evil looking person.
Ishmael can see the fire in his eyes. He is shocked by the
pure hatred of witch Ishmael speaks of Moby Dick, the
whale who took his leg. Because Ahab comes off as such an
evil man Ishmael doesn't want to become any sort of a friend
of him. He develops a slight dislikement of him and begins to
call him Stubb when he isn't around. As the story goes on it
describes in very good detail what happens on their whaling
trip. I don't know if this is a normal whaling trip or not
because i don't do much whaling myself. Ishmael describes
in great detail all actions taking place on the ship that he
sees. Until one day. One day as this ship is sailing along a
whale is spotted. It isn't just any whale though, it is Moby
Dick. Ahab becomes what seems to be almost possessed.
He is so enraged with the whale that he orders everything to
be stopped and every man is to concentrate on killing the
whale. He has every man loaded in to the whaling boats and
he begins his chase. He shouts at his men, and screams at
the whale. He curses it as if it were from hell. Captain Ahab
chased the whale for three days. he tried to harpoon the
whale several times but missed with each. Finally on the third
day the whale rammed the main ship while all of her men
were in the whaling boats. The ship sunk. Now that the ship
was gone the whale turned its self on the whalers. The whale
thrashed about and broke up the boats with the men in them
drowning them. During this time Ahab harpooned the whale
but it had no effect. The whale was enraged at Ahab for
trying to gain revenge. Finally The whale smashed all the
boats. With all the boats smashed all the men died except
one. Ishmael.