Mitchell Houston
English 1A- T 11
S. Johnson
Journal #1

The Future
I've asked myself the simple question of why I am in college at least a millions times since the term started a week ago, and the best answer I have come up with and concluded on by myself is that I'm in college to better my own future and gain an education that will pave a pathway to my own successful future. I think I will be successful in English 1A because not only have I always understood my English and writing classes a little more than my others, but I have a very determined mindset and if I set my mind on passing a course like English 1A I know that I will obtain my goal or do everything in my power to make sure I at least try to reach my goal. As of now my major is set in Business, but this can change fairly easy because I am always looking for new things that interest me and there could possibly be a class that changes my mind and forces me to switch my major. My plans for using my college experience are to go into the Air Force with a degree and go straight into officer training school to help lead and train people in our military but also serve for my country.