Minorities in the United States

Some may say that the United States of America is a white manís country, and minorities had nothing to do with the development, and settlement of this nation. As well as some African Americans would debate that World War II was nothing but a white manís war. I beg to differ in that opinion. In that war, African Americans proved that WWII was more than a white manís battle; it was a way to demonstrate to the world that African Americans will no longer sit and obey rules, but take stand, accommodate higher knowledge, and lead the way for other minorities in the United States. The second World War did in fact have many disadvantages towards racial minorities, although within itís disposition minorities proved themselves of greater existence, and made even a larger path toward racial equality.

In 1941 African Americans found a new path to exemplify that blacks were capable of anything, and could face any challenge that whites put before them. An agreement was made between the War Department and the Selective Service Systems to increase the African American troops from one hundred eighty seven thousand to seven hundred thousand men and women. Although they drafted ten percent of the African American, most blacks still voluntarily served in the second World War. The War Department authorized blacks to receive full training as air pilots for the first time in history. As a result. Colonel Benjamin O. Davis was the first African American brigadier general. General Davis was the leader of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen who fought in the air force as Wing Men "Red Tails." Never the less, there was controversy, white air pilots did not want "niggers" to protect them in the air, but after proving themselves stupendous and paramount, the Tuskegee Airmen were highly requested to be protectors in the air1( Linderman 83‑85). These strong and heroic troops destroyed over two hundred enemy planes,and within 1,500 missions, they created an outstanding record as bomber escorts. The Red tails had never loss a bomber to enemy fighters; which is a record that has never been achieved sense. They were recognized by receiving over 850 metals including thePresidential Unit Citation (the highest award that could be achieved by any military unit). Blacks learned how to fight in combat and obtained a higher knowledge on weapons, and education, consequently blacks began to gain higher levels of respect. "Negro Marines are no longer on trail. They are Marines, period"‑ Corps Commandant( Boatner 102‑103).

Although African Americans have played a significant role in the U.S. military over the past three hundred years, they were denied military roles because whites believed that they lacked qualification for combat duties. Granted, blacks were given the right to fight in the war; they were compulsory to be in segregated units as well as fight on the front line. This was obviously for the white manís protection, because if anybody had to die first, it would be the blacks. The majority of race riots were started by whites because African Americans were getting attention and prosperity. Even on the military base, whites would antagonize blacks until deaths began to tally up or a Commander would put the up roar to an end. The injustice was so ridiculous that a bus driver murdered a black soldier in front of his passengers and did not serve a day in jail. In addition on July 17, 1944, all of the African American sailors were ordered to load explosives onto ships that were headed to the Pacific theater, but due to a mammoth explosion and a lack of training and disregard for safety by the Navy, two hundred and two African Americans were killed. When the rest of the black sailors were ordered to complete the task that their men had died from, fifty quickly hesitated and refused to aboard more ammunition. As a result, all fifty black squad sailors were dishonorably discharged, arrested, and incarcerated for fifteen years.

Racial discrimination was so radical that the Red Cross divided blood by race. Whites were so ignorant because they did not realize that it did not matter what race the person was, it was the blood type that mattered. Toward the end of