Military Draft

I agree with the many leaders that instead of military draft, we should require all young people to serve the public in some way for a period of time, because no matter what you call it still drafting our young people. But our young people needs the, motivation, service learning, and less alienation to be part of our society, or else when, they finish high school, and is time to face this world, they will fall apart.

First, our youth needs to be motivated, in order to prepare them for their future. allowing them to be Cooperative rather than competitive experiences, thus promoting skills associated with teamwork, community involvement and citizenship. Instead, wasting their lives, in the streets and getting killed. many schools and colleges now-a-days are giving to our young people the opportunity to get a scholarship, if they have some kind of community service. Also in some, high schools won’t graduate our young people, without them having to serve in some community service. Giving then, the fill of the work force, the understanding how things are done will make them excited about their country and their people.

second, one of the many benefits of service learning is that it is appropriate for virtually all student populations: those that are gifted and those with special needs, those in the early grades and those in the upper grades, those that are at risk, those that are disenfranchised, and those that are completely average. With service learning, students transform from passive recipients to active providers, from the potential cause of problems to the empowered source of solutions. In genuine service learning, young people are encouraged to take the lead, at a level appropriate to their age and skills. Since teachers and advisers know their populations best, they are well suited to structure a service learning initiative that meets the levels of their students, the mandates of their districts, and the needs of the communities in which they live. With service learning, students identify a true need in their community, create a plan of action for addressing that need, implement their plan, and reflect often on what they\'ve learned. Along the way, they problem solve, think critically, gain citizenship skills, and work with others, all in an authentic environment. Their service connects directly with the curricular goals they must master to meet their district or state requirements. It helps students develop a sense of civic responsibility and prepares them for life beyond the classroom in a way no text could teach.

Finally, alienating our young people from potential job or career is not a good idea. our young people need to be acquainted with the community, to have a Positive connection with their community; knowing what is going on, to may be become helpful to the community or to themselves, in the future.

In conclusion, I agree with our leaders to require our young people to serve the community in any way possible, instead of military draft. Because, giving our young people the motivation and opportunity to solve authentic problems, exposure to people different from themselves, Less alienation, and Increase their knowledge will allow them to become Career explorer and perhaps a more unique generation to be.