Brett Monson

Have you ever used Microsoft Word. It is very useful and helpful in creating letters, or writing reports. In this report I will be talking about different concepts that you can use in Microsoft Word, and where you can use them in everyday life.

Text Alignments and Enhancements

There are quite a few concepts under this heading. Just a few are: text alignments, vertical centering, fonts, font faces, font style, font size, font color, emphasis style, symbols, and bullets and numbering.

A font size is the size of the letters. Your font size is most the time measured in points. You can use the font size for a variety of things in your document. It can help make other words stick, and easier to see and read. It also allows you to draw attention to a certain part of the document.

Bullets, Numbering, and Symbols allow you to make a list in order. Numbering allows you to make a list, and keep it in the order you wrote it in with numbers. Bullets allow you to make a list and have it stand out with no particular order.