Throughout this study, consisting college usa 1997 spring term, we met with several employees of a really big firm
to discuss our main objectives. Secondary research which included library periodicals and Internet web sites
focusing on college students and observations about them.
In addition, primary data was collected from college usa students which accounted for a wide variety of majors,
interests and backgrounds. Primary research included two surveys of students media interests and two focus groups
held on campus.
In looking for the 'right answer' I have determined there is none. The college student is of itself a distinct population
with all the characteristics of a separate population.
Nicklin, Julie L., "The Changing Market for Textbooks " The Chronicle of
Higher Learning May 10, 1996; A43 - A44
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About Hypothetical Marketing Dilemmas" Journal of Business Ethics
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Westminster, 92683
While Westminister harbors over twenty-six different types of languages and dialects, three are more predominate
than the rest. These languages include: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. According to the 1990 Census Database,
out of the total residents, 57% speak English, 13% speak Spanish, and 15% speak in some type of Asian based
language at home.
In finding the largest language groups of this area, 41% of the 18 to 64 year olds strictly spoke English and 12%
spoke an Asian language. Half of the Asian population speaks in ONLY their native tongue.
Anaheim, 92805
According to the 1990 Census, out of the entire resident base, over 44% of the reported population speaks Spanish
(Spanish Creole) on a regular basis.
Based on that 44%, we will be focusing on the 18 to 64 year olds who make up 70% of the overall Spanish speaking
population. Although 55% can speak another language (English), 44% the ALL the Spanish speakers in this area are
linguistically isolated for the rest of the population. In short, out of the entire population of 92805, one out every
three customers is strictly Spanish speaking.
Literature Review
Anaheim Branch
ATM envelopes - Although the ATM does feature English and Spanish screen
display, the Envelopes are entirely in English.
Brochures and other Bank Literature - Out of the forty-five different brochures offered in that branch, only one was
in Spanish. There was also an additional brochure in Filipino.
While the entire explanation of the brochure was in Spanish, the order form itself was completely in ENGLISH.
For the brochure in Filipino, the service offered money availability to people in the Philippines. While only half of
this brochure was written in Filipino, the order form for the service was all in ENGLISH!!!
Deposit/Withdraw slips - English was the only language offered. This creates even more confusion because of the
bi-lingual ATM display and the Spanish speaking employees offered at, "Most times of the day." (Anonymous
teller, 1996)
Ethnographic Research of Bank Branch
Anaheim Branch
I. External Features
A Signage
1. Parking lot - All painted instructions on the structures' walls were given in English. From the elevators to the city
parking codes, every type of instruction was in English.
2. Visual directional tool(s) (arrows/directions where to go) - Was Non-existent. If you were not sure were to park,
you would have to drive around several times around the building to figure out the parking structure's entrance.
B. Front Area
1. ATM features (Monitor Display) - All written instructions located on the ATM itself are offered in English and in
Braille. However, the screen display did give their display in both English and Spanish for actual transaction
2. Front window - Information pertaining to days/hours of operation was all in English. In addition, there was no
indication of Spanish speaking personnel inside.
II. Interior Features
A. Signage (billboards, signs, posters, etc.) - Out of the five or six standing posters, hanging signs, or wall posters,
not one of them was offered in Spanish.
B. Employees Who Speak Spanish - There were no clearly marked indications of any awareness Wells Fargo was
trying to create to the Spanish- speaking customer. There were no signs to the tellers who could speak Spanish, or
any other language,