The method in Kafka's Metamorphosis is very direct. From his attention
grabbing first sentence until the end of the 58 page story, Kafka bluntly tells the
story of Gregor Samsa who "found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous
vermin". While most, if not all, critics treat the story as an extended metaphor, the
text presents almost no evidence that Gregorís predicament isnít genuine. It can
not be that Gregor simply sees himself as this hideous creature, because
everyone who sees Gregor throughout the story is horrified by his appearance.
The cleaning lady even refers to him as ďdung beetleĒ. Its almost as if Kafka was ,
by his very directness, trying to eliminate the possibility that the story was any sort
of metaphor. His direct, unembellished approach remains constant throughout the

To find the message in Metamorphosis, however, one must assume that
the story is meant for much more than entertainment. Before his transformation at
the beginning of the book, Gregor Samsa was working very hard at a menial job to
support his entire family. While his boss was very strict, Gregor managed to do
well enough to keep his family in an apartment that was larger than their needs
required. He was even planning to send his sister to the music academy to further
her violin skills. But to call Gregorís life tedious would be an understatement.
Every day he awoke early to catch the same train to do the same job until it was
time for him to return home. Kafka implies that in order to save money, or for some
unknown reason, Gregorís social life is almost nonexistent. Therefore, the
message found in Metamorphosis may be one of boredom. Gregorís day to day
life was as monotonous as it could possibly be, so one day, he let his imagination
run wild and imagined what life would be like as a hideous vermin.