A young Lars Ulrich was addicted to the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal), and he tried to put his own band together. At this point, his attempt failed, but he placed an ad in a magazine called Recycler, to which one James Hetfield answered. James and Lars met up to jam, but nothing became of this first meeting.

Summer 81

Lars went to the UK to follow Diamond Head around for 3 months on tour. On his return he secured a deal to record a track for the Metal Blade compilation Metal Massacre. Due to the fact that he didn\'t yet have a band, he quickly began contacting people. The three members he managed to put together were:

∑ Lars Ulrich (Drums)

∑ James Hetfield (Vocals; Rhythm and Bass Guitars)

∑ Lloyd grant (Lead guitar)


Metallica\'s first show ever! At Radio City, in Anaheim, CA.


In order to get a certain live gig, Metallica needed to present some of their material, so they recorded a demo, later known as Power Metal . This was recorded with James, Lars, Ron McGovney, and Dave Mustaine. There isn\'t an actual title for this demo, but when it surfaced as a bootleg, the name stuck. The name comes from some early business cards of the band that Ron printed up.


They re-recorded four tracks: Hit The Lights, Mechanix, Jump In The Fire, and Motorbreath. This new version of Hit The Lights appeared on the second pressing of Metal Massacre 1 (also the recent re-release).


Metallica played a gig at Larsí high school, Backbay High School, managing to almost empty the hall.


They played as a five piece band for the first time with Jef Warner on vocals (luckily he didn\'t last).


The first print of the Metal Massacre compilation album was released, and included Metallica\'s first take of Hit The Lights. The second print had another version of this track. The album was released by Brian Slagel; this was the first release on his new label, Metal Blade.


The demo No Life \'Til Leather was recorded. This demo was never officially released, but copies were made and spread like wildfire. Tracks included were:

∑ Hit The Lights

∑ Mechanix

∑ Motorbreath

∑ Seek And Destroy

∑ Metal Militia

∑ Jump In The Fire

∑ Phantom Lord

Line-up was as follows:

∑ Vocals/guitar: James Hetfield

∑ Drums: Lars Ulrich

∑ Bass: Ron Mcgovney

∑ Lead guitar: Dave Mustaine


Brian Slagel told the band about a great bass player (Cliff Burton) in a band called Trauma that played the Whiskey a Go-Go. James and Lars were not happy with Ron McGovney, and where so amazed by Cliff\'s playing, that they realized that this was the new bass player for Metallica. Cliff was not interested, but said that he would join the band if they moved to San Francisco, for he thought L.A. was a fucked-up freak show.


To promote the Metal Massacre album, Brian Slagel organized a gig with the bands the San Francisco. This was the first time Metallica played in front of the Bay Area crowd, and it was a crucial job for them. All of the kids joined the headbangers on stage and went nuts. Metallica had to follow up this show with numerous gigs in the Bay Area.


The guys played at "The Old Waldorf" in San Francisco, with support from a band named Exodus, with one Kirk Hammett on guitar; this was the first time they met him. The show was recorded, and today is known as the Live Metal Up Your Ass demo. They intended to record it through the mixing board, but something went wrong, so instead they set up a boombox in front of the speaker stacks; technically, this recording is an audience recording. Both Metal Up Your Ass and No Life \'Til Leather came with a cassette liner that was written by Lars and contained the track listings and the band logo. This was Dave Mustaine\'s first show with the band.


Mabuhay Gardens. The last gig with Ron on bass. They soon afterwards asked Cliff Burton to join; upon hearing this, Ron left.


First jam session with Cliff Burton.


The band is invited by