Thesis Statement

Euthanasia is the act of causing somebody to die gently and without pain, especially those suffering from a painful incurable disease. It is a voluntary act when patients who are suffering from incurable diseases decide to end their life without going through the long, painful and distressing process. There are many reasons why euthanasia is not the best resort and also why it is beneficial in some cases. This decision is based on the patients’ rights and dignity, doctors’ rights, religious beliefs, society’s views, morality and other resolutions available.


Patients’ rights & dignity

- a patient might not be able to make a rational decision/ might change their mind but be incapable of telling the doctors

- old people might feel they are nuisance to others & opt for euthanasia when they actually want to live

Doctors’ rights / perspectives

- trust between doctor-patient relationships are destroyed

- patients lose their trust in the medical profession always acting in the interests of preserving life

Religious belief

- Most church and civil organizations condemned euthanasia

- many religious people argue that it is never permissible to take innocent life because the right to life is God-given and no human life can be sacrificed merely for the economic / political welfare of either states or individual

Society’s views

- active euthanasia is akin to murder

- Voluntary Euthanasia Society should be disbanded

- It might be abused by some families


- Everyone’s life has quality no matter what their social status is.

- Life is a gift from God and only God can take it from us

- It devalues life by making it disposable

- If you allow exceptions to the principle that human life is scared, you weaken the principle itself

Alternative methods

- There are many pain-killing drugs that can help patients die with dignity

- There are a lot of advanced medical techniques that can help patients without opting for euthanasia


Patient’s Rights / Decision

- everyone has the right to decide how they should die

- the initial decision about euthanasia could be made when the individual was not under the stress of immediate suffering or anxiety

- People who feel their life is going nowhere should be allowed to approach doctors for a lethal injection

- Seriously ill people should have the right to refuse life-saving treatment

- It would help patients realized they could die with dignity

Doctors’ perspective

- it would help doctors if they knew of their patient’s intentions

- doctors should never be required to save the lives of seriously deformed babies

- if the law was changed, doctors could legally act on a patient’s desire to die without further suffering

Society’s View

- Euthanasia has been use by some government like Nazi Germany, to remove those who embarrassed the state


The increase in the number of old people in a population and the increasing sophistication of life-support machines has made the issue of legalizing euthanasia very important especially because it deals with human’s lives. Furthermore, advanced medical techniques can keep patients alive for much longer than in the past but this, however, does not stop people from opting euthanasia. Therefore, there are many factors and consequences that must be considered before deciding to end someone’s life. Under present laws, anyone, even doctors, who helps the sufferer to end their life, risks the possibility of being charged with murder or manslaughter.