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Microbiologists are in a quandary concerning the classification of bacteria. The major problem is how to classify the Archaebacteria. One proposal suggests that a new taxonomic category called the domain be established above the kingdom level to properly place the bacteria and possibly other groups within the correct phylogenetic relationship. See pp. 522-524.

1. Do you favor this idea or do you reject it?

Yes or No Explain
Yes, this will help us classify them better and will help us in the long run.

2. Does the author of your text favor this idea or reject it?

3. What is the major difference between the Archaebacteria and the Eubacteria?
The major difference is that

4. Frequently new organism appears in the fossil record rather abruptly. This has been criticized by antievolutionist since often transitional forms have not been found representing stages in the evolutionary process. Thus they contend that there is no evidence that phylogenetic relationships exist between the ancestral form and the more recent form. See pp. 469-471. Explain punctuated equilibrium.

5. Could punctuated equilibrium explain how new species appear rather abruptly in the fossil record?

Yes or No Explain

6. Although biologists depend heavily on the fossil record for information concerning evolutionary relationships every biologist would undoubtedly agree that there are limitations of the fossil record. List three limitations. See Chapter 23.