Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan, a famous actress, was born November 19th, 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her birth name is, Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra. Meg's parents, Harry Hyra and Susan Jordan, raised Meg and three other children, Andrew, Dana, and Anne, in Connecticut. Meg Ryan graduated from Bethel High School in Connecticut, and graduated 11th in her class. She went to New York University and graduated with a major in journalism. She is a blond hair, blue eye, 5' 8", prom queen.
In 1987, while filming"Innerspace", Meg met her husband, Dennis Quaid, another actor. They would frequently plan "mystery romantic weekends." That's when one of them would make plans and then surprise the other one. To celebrate Dennis's birthday, Meg hired a plane to fly a happy birthday banner to surprise him. In return, Dennis hired a high school marching band to deliver a similar message while she was filming "The Presidio." On February 14, 1991, Dennis and Meg got married. In April of 1992, they had their first baby, Jack Henery.
Meg Ryan has had roles in many movies. The most popular and well-known movies that she rolls in are, "Sleepless in Seattle", "Top Gun", "When Harry Met Sally" (Meg received many nominations for this movie), "You've Got Mail", "I.Q.", and she was the voice of Anya in "Anastasia." In "I.Q.", Meg had to be coated in insect repellant for a scene that took place in a deer tick infested field.
This young actress has won many awards and has been nominated for many things in her seventeen years of acting. She's gotten three Golden Globe Nominations. Meg's won the Harvard Hast Pudding Award "Woman of the Year" in 1994. A guy by the name of, Nichael Cramer, who saw Meg Ryan win the award says, "The high point of the evening came when Meg Ryan was presented with a conductor's baton with which she led the audience in a group rendition of the scene above ("Meg Ryan FAQ for newsgroup")." Meg was said to be one of the "World's 50 Most Beautiful Women" in the People Weekly magazine in 1994. In 1995, Meg Ryan won the Crystal Award which is the most prestigious awards for actresses and are presented by the Women In Film Society. In 1996, Meg quit the Women In Film Society. "I really thought it was one of the most directionless entities, trying to serve everybody, but--hello (Meg Ryan FAQ for newsgroup"
Meg Ryan has been asked to be in many movies, but has tuned them down for good reason's. She turned down "Maverick" because she wanted to spend more time with her son and husband.. She also said no to the movie "Silence of the Lambs" because she said it was too "ugly, dangerous and dark ("Meg Ryan" 78- 79)."
Meg Ryan is still acting and is going to star in the film, "Hurly Burly" which will come out later this year.