Me, myself, and I

Sometimes I just long for company ..a friend....someone whom I can talk to..........someone who can be the net I use to suppose it to I used to meet so many strangers but at least they were ready to listen to me......whatever it was a sort of escapism .from the real world which hides so many guilt and feelings behind the human masks of a wife, mother husband, father ,daughter ...and many such disguises.......the life becomes so loathsome & unreal with so many pretensions was a way for me to let out my views to anyone person whoever was ready to listen and share my views...anyone who could provide me with any answers as to why this world with its so many attractive facets has such an ugly soul behind...........behind the masks of relationships.....relationships which existed just for the sake of name but which were as hollow as an oyster without its oyster that held capability to once again hold a pearl in its womb but unwilling to yeild a sand grain and have a little scratch for creating that that beautiful shiny sphere of purity and can try and make the relations true in the sense but one is not as eager as to just get that one-minute wham-bam-thankyouma\'m.

There are so many reasons to be provided when relationships fail..but are all of them enough practical....??? Is leaving your best friend just because he/she statred talking with anothere person more than usual a good enough reason for breaking up that years long relationship in just 2 minutes and 12 words..????Is exocommunicating with your family a fair enough punishment for the family who just stayed in somone else\'s house for a mere 2 days????? these all are just whims and fancies of the always wishes to be the Sun of the solar system of finds it humiliating when another dosent yeild to his/her wishes or demands...this pride,ego has been the cause of many a break-ups......or rather then why does one face such situations when one is at the brink of nervous breakdown due to unhealthy relations or physical assault at one another in a realtionship that has lasted for many years.. why does so many years of companionship not enable us to understand each other enough so as not to hurt or cause grief to each other......why does a mere accidental mistake fall heavy in front of those many cherished moments..........?????????????

I am no expert in studying the human mind or psychology.....but its simple understanding and care that can helps one understand and nurture a relationship.

Why does it take a third person to solve any problem between any two persons who have taken vows of eternal companionship in joy and grief ? Why does it take a third person to convey the mental condition & the need of care and love in a child to the very person from whom it emanated ?

It feels real nice to know that you are cared for, that you are loved.......but why does love and care lead to possessiveness? is it necessary to own a thing to love it? or far more to own a person to love him/her?

my questions remain unanswered. anyone who can answer them .....................

no one can ever tell what love is unless he\'s been in it....but even people who\'ve been in love cannot describe\'s just NONDESCRIPT ?

its got so many forms and versions....mere attraction is also at times termed as love....

You come across so many diferent types of new feelings and emotions at a certain time when you are just simply unable to decide between whats right and just tend to act on just seems so correct at that time but later introspection brings out a different image altogether.

its all in my heart

with all the joys

and all the sorrow

but it all seems

so so good

i just cant say

how good it feels

i feel like singing

i feel like dancing

i feel like shouting

with the wind on my trail

my eyes just cry

is it joy or grief?

i ask and just smile

for i know ........

its just time

time for