MC 90 verses Imperial Star Destroyers.
Through out the Star Wars galaxy there has been many literary
battles fought with Imperial Star Destroyers and the Mon Calamari MC 80's.
Though the victories mount on both sides the greatest battle of all is
between the readers. That battle is; Which vessel is truly superior? Is
it the Mon Calamari civilian pleasure cruisers or the Galactic Empires
most effective War ships. In the proceeding facts will be placed on the
history of each class of ship, the design of each class of ship, weapon
emplacements, shields, speed, durability, troop transport, fighter
squadrons and dollar for dollar worth.

MC 80 verses Imperial Star Destroyers.
The History of the MC 90
The Mon Calamari Star cruisers were originally civilian ships
designed for pleasure cruises and colonization efforts. However, when an
Imperial ship found the Mon Calamari homeworld, the empire's invasion
forces were dispatched. After a vigorous battle the empire's forces
conceded the planet to the Mon Calamari. The MC 90 Star cruisers were
converted to military efforts with the addition of thick hull plating and
numerous weapon emplacements. The Mon Calamari became totally committed
to the alliance's cause and built huge shipyards in orbit around Mon

The History of Imperial Star Destroyers
The Empire's awesome wedge-shaped Imperial-class Star Destroyers
formed the backbone of the Imperial Navy soon after it was designed and
the smaller Victory-class Star Destroyers were beginning to be fazed out.
True marvels of star ship engineering, the mere presence of such a vessel
in orbit is often enough the stop any rebel uprisings. Imperial Star
Destroyer Commanders can engage whole Rebel fleets and still expect to

The Design of the MC 90
Each Mon Calamari MC 90 has a unique design; to the Mon Cal their
ships are as much as art as weapons of war. While this individualized
design bewilders most engineers, the Mon Cals find it a logical approach
so that the Galactic Empire can't find weaknesses in a single class of
ships design. Because each design is individual it makes the ship
notoriously difficult to repair. Generally this class of ship would be
aproximatly 1200 metres long and house over twenty thousand crew members.
Many species other then the Mon Calamari find looking at the displays hard
due to the fact that all the displays are contorted to help the Mon
Calamari see with there large convexed eyes.

The Design of the Imperial Star Destroyer
The Imperial Star Destroyer is 1600 metres long and house over
forty-seven thousand crew in a wedge like shape. The wedge shape was
incorporated into the design to terrorize Imperial enemies by having it
look like a weapon that would be welded by hand. An other reason for the
wedge shape is that when the ship is pointed towards a target it can fire
all 100 weapons at once. All the major systems on the Imperial class ship
are fully redundant so no single area that is damaged will hamper the
affectiveness of this warship. The Star Destroyers superstructure
features an immense command tower housing essential systems, computer
controls, and the bridge. Atop of this there is a pair of deflector
shield generators and a communications array. There is also a pair of
hanger bays that can house a capital ship at lease the size of a
Coreillian Blockade Runner or any other ship 150 metres or less.

Weapon Emplacements
Weapon Emplacements on a MC 90
The standard Mon Calamari Star Cruiser has forty-eight turbo
lasers that are linked in banks of twelve, while the twenty ion cannons
are linked in banks of four, allowing intense fire to be brought to bear
against a single target.

Weapon Emplacements on a Imperial Star Destroyer
Standard Imperial Star Destroyers have sixty turbolasers for ship
to ship combat and planetary assault. A Star Destroyers sixty ion cannons
are used to disable enemy ships in preparation for boarding.

Shields on a MC 90
The Mon Calamari MC 90 ships shields are unusually powerful and
with extra shield redundancies allow the Mon Calamari repair crews to
replace damaged shield coils and arrays in the middle of a battle, this
makes it much more difficult for imperial guns to wear down a Star
cruisers defence.

Shields on a Imperial Star Destroyer
A standard Imperial Class Star Destroyer has three main shield
generators, two are on the command tower and a large one is on the lower
hull. Due to the large size of these shields they take a long time to
power up. If any of the shield generators on the command tower are
damaged the effectiveness of the shields protecting the command tower and
upper hull will