Maya’s mother influenced Maya using her wisdom, strength and honesty. While living with her mother she broke her out of being the quite girl she was in the South to speaking up for herself and getting what she wanted.

When Maya was growing up her grand mother referred to her as being quite and tender hearted. When Maya moved with her mother permanently things quickly changed. Maya explained how she began to get bored with same routine of going to school and staying home. She decided to find a job. Maya knew her mother would not be difficult to convince because her mother was a firm believer in self-sufficiency. (I know why the cage bird sings, pg. 264) Maya said her mother “liked to speak of herself as the original do it yourself girl.” (pg. 264). When May first applied for the job she was immediately reject because she was black and there where no black conductors. Maya did not let that discourage her, with her mother influence she became more determined than ever to getting that job. Maya told her mother of the rejection she received when she applied for the conductor job and her mother said to her “ That what you want to do”? Then nothing beats a trial but a failure. “Give it everything you’re got. I’ve told you many of times can’t do is like I don’t
care.” “Neither them have a home.” (pg. 265) Maya said the translation of this meant. There was should be nothing a human being don’t care about, Maya said this was the most positive encouragement she could have hope for. (pg. 265). Maya’s mother used her wisdom and with those few words taught Maya a very important lesson, to always try for what you want and never give up.

Maya took her mother’s advice and went to the employment office every day and waited until they told her she could have that job. Maya was sitting with her mother and she remember during the period of strain of her not getting the job, her mother had a store of aphorisms which she dished out as the occasion demanded.(pg.269) One of the phases Maya remember her saying the most was “God helps those who helps themselves” (pg. 269) Maya listen to everyone of her mother’s quotes and when her and her mother spoke she would never asked her for reports and Maya would not offer any details (pg. 268). One thing Maya didn’t want was for her mother to think of her as a glory hound (pg. 268) I also believe that Maya was showing her mother that she was helping herself. Maya explained by her and her mother doing this moved them on a long road to adult admiration
(pg. 268). After sitting in the office everyday Maya said “She never remember how she got the job but one day while she was sitting there the lady a the front desk handed her the bundle of paper they where job applications forms (pg. 269). I believe that Maya’s great determination and her mothers words of telling her to go for what she believed and to never give up. Maya started to show the strength and determination of her mother and left the shy little girl from the south behind.

Maya’s mother was a wise women who also wanted honesty out of Maya. Maya told of how she began to get bored with school and started cutting school. Her mother told her straight out if she wanted to go to school one day to just tell her she said “ she didn’t want some white woman calling her up to tell her something about her child that she didn’t know she didn’t want to put in the position of lying to some white woman because I wasn’t women enough to speak up.” Maya said that put and end to her truancy. Maya mother demanded honesty from Maya and would not except any thing less. I believe that was the end of Maya truancy and also her opening to be able to be completely honest with her mother about everything.

Maya loved and Respected her mother. She broke Maya out of being the shy girl from the south to being a