May 27, 1922
Dear Journal,
Today I visited my cousin Daisy and her spouse Tom Buchanan. I went to college with Tom at Yale. I do not know them very well. I thought that I would pay them a visit anyway. They live across the bay in East Egg. When I arrived they showed me around their place and introduced me to Jordan Baker, a professional golfer. Tom and Daisy left me and Jordan alone for a while and she told me about Tom having a mistress. She was surprised that I did not know about Tom and his mistress. That really surprised me when I saw the way he acted around her. Also, I could not help from glancing at Jordan. I would not mind getting to know her a little better. Jordan mentioned something about my neighbor, Gatsby. When she said Gatsby, Daisy wondered about whom she was talking.. Jordan must go to some of those big parties he has there. I wonder what Tom, Daisy, and Jordan are really like.
When I came home from the Buchanan’s house I saw Gatsby, for the first time, staring out into the bay. Gatsby seems to be very mysterious. He must be very outgoing with all of those big parties he has. If I ever make it over to one of his parties I would like to meet him and see what kind of guy he is.
May 30, 1922
Dear Journal,
Yesterday Tom and I went into the city. I got to meet his mistress, Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle is a chunky person that has a special kind of an effect on people with the way she acts. She is very bossy to other people and acts like someone that is not her. She tells her husband, George Wilson, that she goes into the city to see her sister, Catherine. She believes that George has know idea of the affair. Tom knows George because he is going to sell him his car. Myrtle Wilson is not the person she wants to be.
Tom and Myrtle met up in the city and we decided to go to their apartment. On the way there she saw a dog that she liked so Tom bought it for their apartment. When they arrived at the apartment Myrtle decided to have a party, so she called up her sister and the people in the apartment below them, the McKee’s. They all got really drunk and I felt really out of place. The whole night I just wanted to get out of there.
The party suddenly ended when Tom broke Myrtle’s nose. She made him mad by saying “Daisy." It seems as Tom treats Myrtle more like a possession that someone that he could love. I am really surprised how open he is about having a mistress. I do not understand why he showed me because I am Daisy’s cousin. I just do not understand the way some people act.
June 3, 1922
Dear Journal,
Tonight I went to a party at my neighbor’s house. His butler came over today with an invitation and I decided to go at the last minute. When I got to his house I did not know anyone there, so, I went around asking people if they knew where the host was and no one seemed to know. I went outside and then ran into Jordan Baker. Then, we both looked for Gatsby and ran into a drunken man in his library that was amazed because his books had words in them. After a while we gave up looking and sat down at a table. Then, I started talking to the man sitting next to me. I asked him if he knew the host and he said he was Gatsby. After we talked to Gatsby for a while he left for some reason. Then a minute later his butler asked Jordan if she would speak with him privately. After they were done talking I said goodbye to them and went home. As I was leaving I saw the man that was in the library wrecked his car. The wheel fell off and he was so drunk he did not know what happened.. That party was very interesting.
It seems as if Gatsby’s parties are full of