Materialism Vs. Spiritualism

Life is not about extremes. You need to have a little of everything to be happy and peaceful. Siddharta is a book that shows every type of people there can be. You see how un-happy everybody can be if they don’t follow their heart, Being spiritual helps peoples soul and having nice material things help there appearance. There is noting bad with looking nice. If someone looks good it doesn’t mean they’re a snob or anything like that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

There are some people in the world that only care about what others think. They dress according to what others think, like and talk like the people that surround them. A clear example of this is Siddharta becoming someone that everybody likes, not what he really is. He didn’t like himself and became bored of his life. When he went to the river and lived the way he liked he was happy. The happiest way to live is being you.

Others live in a spiritual world, deprived from the “real” world. They loose connection from everybody and everything. Govinda in the book, choose this path thinking that this was the way to find inner peace. All through the book Govinda is never satisfied with his life, even after following the Buddha’s path. People that have this life style are sometimes satisfied with life, but mostly there not. They see things one way and don’t open their mind to see and learn new things.

There is a balance between the two things. You can be spiritual and still own and like your material positions, there is nothing wrong with it. The middle point is to be at peace with you and to have luxuries that you like and not worry so much about what others like. There is no need to choose a side, every person in the world can choose how much of what makes them happy and at peace. The best example in a character from Siddharta is the ferryman. He is happy living in a hut and with his boat, nothing troubles him. He was kind enough to let Siddharta live with him. He is at peace and is happy. Happiness can be the most important thing in life.

Doing what each of us like is the path to happiness. Many people around the world are not satisfied with their lives and won’t be until they follow their instincts. The book Siddharta is and example of someone that searches for his inner peace and gains it when he does what he loves and likes. There is no right path that everyone can follow; everyone needs to follow his or her own paths.