Martyr Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed AL-Sabah

Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed AL-Jaber Al-Sabah (Was the younger brother of the Emir of Kuwait H. H. Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed AL-Jaber Al-Sabah. He was born on the 10th of August 1945. He was married and he had 6 children. He had his Primary and secondary education in Kuwait and after that he joined the military academy in England.

Military career:

A First Lieutenant at the Amiri Guard since 25/11/1968

Acting Commander of the Second battalion of the special forces

Was among the Kuwaiti Contingent that joined the Egyptian forces between 25/9 - 1/9/1967

Sporting Career:

President, Kuwait Olympic committee 1974 - 1985 and re-elected in 1989

President, Kuwait Football association 1978 - 1985 and re-elected in 1987

President, Qadeseya Sports Club, 1969 - 1979

President, Kuwait Basketball Federation. 1974 1977

Vice President, International Handball Federation, 1980 till his demise

o Vice President, Association of National Olympic Committee, 1982 till his demise
o Member, International Olympic Committee, 1981 till his demise
o Member, Executive Board of International Olympic Committee 1985 1989
How did he become a Martyr?

Sheikh Rashed Al-humood called him around 5.45 am on Thursday the 2nd of August 1990 and told him that the Iraqis where on the borders of Kuwait. Sheikh fahad told sheikh Rashed to come to him fast, when sheikh rashed arrived, sheikh fahad insisted on driving the car, Mr. Hamed AL-Sa\'eed accompanied them too to Dasman place. When they arrived Dasman, Sheikh Fahad noticed that there was something wrong, there were no guards to greet him, sheikh Rashed saw an Iraqi sniper and he shouted out to sheikh Fahad "look out!\' but it was late and the bullet went into sheikh Fahad\'s neck. May god abolish his sins and take him to paradise, amen.