Martin Luther King

By: Bradley & Taimoor

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King , born January 15, 1929 ,  was an American Baptist minister, activist,   humanitarian , and leader in the   African-American Civil Rights Movement . He is best known fo r his role in the advancement of civil rights   using   nonviolent   civil disobedience   based on his   Christian   beliefs. He was the second of three children, and was first named Michael, after his father. Both changed their names to Martin when he was still young . Martin and his siblings were born into a financially secure middle-class family, so they received better educations than the average child of their race . As a child, King's encounters with racial discrimination were quite mild but formative. The first significant one came when he began school. White playmates of his were to attend a different elementary school from his, and, once the year began, their parents no longer allowed King to come over and play. So his mother thought she should explain to him the history of slavery and segregation. And that's where it all started.

Leadership Skills /Accomplishments
Some leadership traits he possesses are patience, bravery, persistence and trustworthiness. Some things he did to show leadership which were also some of his accomplishments were:
Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Albany Movement
Birmingham Campaign
Augustine and Selma
March on Washington, 1963

How Did He Inspire People
Arguably the biggest way he inspired others was with his words. He had a way of speaking that inspired everyone to do the right thing even though there were so many people against him. It is very clear that he recognizes the persuasive power of imagery and uses it fully whenever he speaks to a crowd. In his famous speech "I Have A Dream" he talks about his dream to change things, not his nightmare. He makes everything positive in a way that people are persuaded and inspired to be like him or do what he's doing. Another inspiring thng about him is that he doesn't just say he's going to do something, when he says something he does it. You won't be inspired by someone who says they're going to do something but doesn't do it in the end, because anyone can say that they are going to do something but not many people will actually try to do it.