Marketing Techniques

Assignment – 18

March 29, 2004

o Do you believe the advertising networks bear any responsibility for ad bombs placed on your machines? How about ? Why or why not?
Yes I think they bear some responsibility because they are getting paid by the companies that advertise their ads. I think it is unfair that they can just throw their hands up in the air and make the customer have to go through a long process to undo the mess that these networks have created for them. bears the majority of the responsibility because they are enticing you with a gimmick like winning something for free and then you are added to this list that creates pop-up ads that pop up on your computer every few minutes (pages 483-484).

o Do these programs result in greater “targeting” of advertising, or are they just as mass market in nature as television ads?
These programs are just as mass market as TV ads because they are received by people that might not be interested in the products and are just as massive as TV ads (ie. being shown every ten minutes of a show for at least three minutes). Plus, “falling click through rates on the Internet banner advertising and declining advertising revenues experienced by many Web sites” (pg. 486).

3. What types of industry or government regulations might be needed to control these

forms of advertising?

The FCC has been in debate with different active groups that pop up advertisements are illegal, but business’ like feel that this is unfair because it stops their cash cow of fees from different advertising companies. I think there definitely needs to be regulation by the FCC because this is a problem that is irritating to the web surfers and what’s to say if it not stopped, these ad firms will continue to irritate all web surfers.

o In what ways does ad ware contribute to a more efficient marketplace? Does it increase consumer choice, speed product search, or increase the efficiency of matching buyers and sellers?