Many years from now the last great war has ended. The entire world is silent. There is total anarchy throughout the few small villages that still remain. No existing government remains. Its every man women and child for them selves. The need for some form of government is great. Do we need it? Without it there is no co-operation and you might not live to see the next day.
"We are competitive by nature" (In class) Out on your own having to hunt for your own food. You will be competing for it with the other starving men and women that are out on there own. Without government there are no rules and no means of trading goods. The strongest Man or Woman will be able to gather the most food and possibly all your food. If you look to todays headlines you might find storys of people fighting for food. " Three rebels were killed and tons of food and equipment seized" (reuters 26-Jan99). In the movie LORD OF THE FLIES the kids stranded on the Island divide into two groups that compete for there lives. They even resort to killing one another over piggy 's glasses that they use to cook there food.
Finally after fighting over food with the other men and women you come to the conclusion you do need rules therefore you need a leader. You chose a leader the strongest man. He makes rules that you must follow. You can now trade and get along with other people. Your leader like Jack in the movie LORD OF THE FLIES becomes autocratic. The people become his slaves and must follow his every command.
Even in todays society there is such things as autocratic leaders like Hitler there are also groups such as guerrillas in Columbia. " A local Paramilitary group. Which is headed by Carols Castno, which use brutal tactics and almost always target civilians. Today the (paras) are responsible for roughly two-thirds of all political killings committed in Columbia" (Internet)
You can not have this in your new civilization. You need a new leader. You not only need a government but you need the right kind of government. A democratic government is chosen so that the people chose there leader every election. Now not one man can make all the decisions without the people getting involved.
A rebel arises in the community against the government. Without government this would make no difference. The rebel could continue to steal and kill people left and right if he wants. No government no rules. Since there is a government in place and there are rules. Now there is punishment. In modern society there is jail or even the death sentence for such rebels in society. In the movie LORD OF THE FLIES Ralph considers Jack as a rebel as he does no work and he only wants to hunt. he does not want anything to do with the group. On the other hand Jack fells that Ralph and piggy are rebels when they will not join his group. So Jack kills piggy.
Yes we need government. Because government brings rules. Without them society as a whole will not co-operate and will not function. The overall result of that is war and bloodshed.

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