Many truths can be thought of in relation with the segment of the “Twilight Zone” that we watched (The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street). Basically, people were paranoid with many stories that were told to them at this time. McCarthyism was abroad with the scare of the Communists. People were not sure what to think. This movie can best describe human nature. Another characteristic that humans have is to find a “scapegoat” of some kind. That can be readily seen in the movie.
The paranoia of the “aliens” that apparently landed on the Earth and was suppose to have “beings” that would be apart of the life of Maple Street, taking the form of normal human features. With the story from the little boy, it seems that it “comes from a children’s comic book,” but later it changes everyone and they soon become paranoid of the sudden events that took place (power outage, no radio reception, and the cars are dead). With these modern conveniences at a loss, the whole street is in a panic. Life doesn’t seem to be able to move on because we, as people, rely on technology for everyday life (and don’t take it for granted). Paranoia filters throughout the street, as people seem to believe different stories. Those stories were produced and turned into “horror scenes” as people began to wonder what caused the outage of everything on the street. Paranoia strikes everybody and they get scared by certain people putting strange scary ideas in their heads (i.e. McCarthy Era and the horror story on the account of the boy in the movie). People don’t feel safe and these dangers make people paranoid about everything. It destroys trust and a jump to an ideal society; a utopia may seem like a goal, but it will never happen.
Scapegoats are used in many ways (i.e. Salem Witch Trials and The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street) by people in need of blaming another for an event or action that took place. These instances are used by people in desperate need of “saving their own skin” and blaming an event or action on another person that could be perfectly innocent. The Salem Witch Trials was a prime example for the use of scapegoats. This practice was used when people accused of being witches, accused others of witchcraft that had nothing to do with it \ blaming the innocent. The innocent victims would then blame others of witchcraft and it would end up a vicious cycle for all the people. This process would continue because people have the need of trying the get themselves free of really harsh punishment (such as hanging) if all they have to do is list some names of people that they “thought” were involved in witchcraft. This process formed a lot of blaming, and in cases such as in Massachusetts, there were hundreds of people in jail that got out of being hanged when they had a scapegoat and blamed someone else. The Governor deemed that practice “unjust” and that part of the past did not exceed into the present day. The idea of a scapegoat is still present today. Maybe not like Salem, but people use scapegoats to try and get themselves out of trouble. Many of the wars were caused by leaders using scapegoats \ got the approval from their country and had a war.
These were the human traits and nature that was displayed in the movie segment “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street”, a part of the Twilight Zone. It only brings the fact that humans do have their faults and that these traits are still visible today in our society. Paranoia and scapegoats are two main points from the movie that have to do with human nature and traits. Those two ideas formatted “the monsters” and basically made “monsters” out of themselves. They were fighting only themselves and not the “real monsters.”