Many authors use their personal experiences in their lives to help influence themselves in their
writings of plays and novels. For example, in Death of a Salesman, Miller has shown the traditional family
structure. Which is, the husband Willy Loman, goes to work and brings home the money, only about fifty
dollars a week to support his family. Wile the wife Linda Loman stays home cooking, cleaning, and taking
care of their children. Miller shows how much of a struggle it was to be successful with not much of an
opportunity for advancement in life and work. Miller's "coming of age corresponds almost exactly with the
stock market crash of 19929, and that event and the subsequent depression were the most formative
influences on his developing imagination. From the calamities came his conviction that behind the
uncertainties of life that were certain laws that the artist must probe and explain" (Perkins 708-709).
Death of a Salesman , the setting takes place in Boston and New York. The time period spans the
years of 1945 to about 1948. The exposition of the plot involves a family of New York City, the Lomans.
The conflict is introduced when Willy is slapped In the face with reality by his oldest son, Biff. The action
revolves around the struggle of every day life and death. The climax of the story is developed when Linda
Loman is downstairs in the basement doing the laundry when she finds a piece of hose that she knows her
husband has been using to put on the end of the furnace to suck in the carbon monoxide to try to commit
suicide. The denouement of the story is when Willy Loman asks for a job in an office and in return, gets
fired. The resolution of the story shows
how people can work so hard for something that can all be taken away.
The two main characters of Death of a salesman are Willy and his wife, Linda Loman. The
physical description of Willy Loman is one of a man who is in his sixties with gray hair that comes with
age. His personality traits can be described as a person who is not very happy person. He is not very
affectionate toward his family. It is almost like he doesn't no how to love his family or show them that he
truly does. His only motivation and purpose in life is to work, make, money, and provide for his family.
His beliefs are that his sons should follow in their father's footsteps. His relationship with the other
characters are generally good. Except for the many disagreements he has with his oldest son Biff. Biff
does not see eye to eye with his fathers beliefs. The purpose for including Willy Loman is to show the
reader the way of life of those times and that everyone has to struggle a little to get ware they want to be
and suicide is not the answer.
Willy's wife, Linda Loman, is the second main character in Death of a Salesman. Linda's physical
description is much like her husbands. She is an older petite woman in her sixties. Her personality traits is
one of a well-rounded person. She appears to be in more control that her husband. Her motivation and
purpose in life is to keep her family happy. To try and stop the problems between her husband and their
son, Biff. Her beliefs are not quite the same as Willy's. Like Willy, she hopes their sons succeed in what
ever they choose to do but, disagrees with his belief that her sons should have to follow in their fathers
footsteps. Her relationship with her husband is not an open one. She tends to keep everything to a lot of
things to herself or just between her and her sons for fear it will start an argument or make him upset. The
relationship with her sons are close. She is the one they generally go to the most weather it is something
they need or just to talk to.!
The authors purpose for including Linda Loman is to show the reader in every family there

must communication. That is the key to every relationship. Willy Loman shouldn't of had to go through