Manash Mass Shooting

Well, after the first time I heard this terrible news two questions came out in my mind. The first one is why did he do that and what is his motive? The second one is how could he got the weapon as a overseas student?

In reference to the “Australia Times”. We know that he was a junior in Monash Uni. He was living with his mother. His classmatesaid he is a really hard working student and he entered Manash Uni with a very good result. The major problem is his English Skills.For example, like his lecturer doesn’t always understand his questions whenever he asks during class and because of this problem no one wants to be his friend and he became more lonely than before. You know that is really bad for a person who is 30 years old already. Well, he must feel depressive and lonely of course. So I think he wanted to release himself. Imagine what if you put those complications together and keep them for a long time inside a 30years old man’s heart. What will happened? I think there will be a mess as a result. Now, we’ve got the answer for the first answer already and what I want to know is who is in charge of this result? We always say that let the world fill with loves and peace and do nothing. Personally, I think we should pay more attention to them. Give our loves to them and University should hold some social meeting for the students and make some questionnaires for them in order to know the situations of all the students. I think that will be fine.

Now, let’s think how could he got the weapon. I do not think it is easy to do that and I think something must be wrong with the Ministy of Security or arms control. My opinion is that everyman should not have the rights to have a gun and do not allow people sell or buy guns. People who have guns but have not give them to government they should be charged.

Australia Government should seal up those extra guns for keeping or destory them. Because, Australia is a peaceful country and peaceful country do not need weapons.