Managers and applicant’s ranking

1. Tardos Gábor

Positive: He concentrates on team working questions, his eye contact is rights.

Negative: I haven’t find negative effects.

2. Székely Gábor

Positive: He has built up questions.

Negative: He asks too much personal questions, which are not important.

3. Mátyás

Negative: I couldn’t rank him, because he didn’t ask any questions.

4. Julia

Positive: Good, attractive questions.

Negative: Don’t ask the question, which she can „catch” the applicant with.


1) Zoltán

Positive: He knows how to ask about the salary.

Negative: He confused, shy and his past was not clear.

2) Mohamed

Positive: Clear past, he knows what he wants

Negative: Too shy, he doesn’t talk too much, and his not clear what are his weakpoints.

3) Anna

Positive: She knows her skills exactly, and knows how to answer.

Negative: She is not taking theinterview seriously.

4) Hussein

Positive: He keeps the natural balance int he whole interview, he is able to work in overtime.

Negative: He is confused

What were missing?

Manager side, about the questions

Ř What sports do the applicant likes?

Ř Too much questions were about the driving licence.

Ř Too much personal questions.


Ř They were confused, shy and they did not influence the managers

Ř They are under experienced

Ranking (1-4)

Managers: 3

Applicants: 2