Management in Islamic countries

Ellen Moore in Bahrain

The General Manager had offered Ellen Moore a choice of two position in the Operations area.
She had considered the matter carefully and was about to meet with him to tell him she would accept the
Accounts Control position. The job was much more challenging than the Customer Services post, but she
knew she could learn the systems and procedures quickly, and she would have a great opportunity to
contribute to the success of the Operations area.

Actually, Ellen Moore has the opportunity of choosing between the position of Manager of
Accounts Control and Manager of Customer Services. Both of the positions are very promising for her
career in the coming future. I think Ellen Moore had ever considered the most beneficial option for her
future by the pros and cons of the positions.

Manager of Accounts Control

The first position was for Manager of Accounts Control, which covered the Credit, Collection, and
Authorization departments. The Manager*s role was to ensure that appropriate information was used to
authorize spending by clients, to compile results on client payment, and to inform management of
nonpayment issues. The Manager also supervised in-house staff and representatives in other Gulf countries
for the collection of withheld payment.

The Manager of Accounts Control was more oriented to financial information, the Manager had
more influence on operations at the company, and she would have the opportunity to travel to other
countries to supervise staff. Although she was not familiar with the systems and procedures, she knew she
could learn them quickly.

Manager of Customer Services, New Account, and Establishment Services

The Manager*s role was to ensure that new clients were worthy and that international quality
standards were met in all Customer Service activity. The Manager also worked with two other department-
Marketing, to ensure that budgets were met, and Sales, to manage relationships with the many affiliate
outlets of the service.

The Manager of Customer Services, New Account, and Establishment Services was more familiar
with the situation in the company and already very well established in Bahrain, but the position is less
challenging and abandon her values by accepting the position.


After considering the pros and the cons, as far as I am concerned that Ellen Moore should insist
her opinion to work in the Accounts Control area. Because this job will give her more prospect in the
future. It will be a good approach for her to discuss with the General Manager*s superior. She talked with
the General Manager*s superior, the Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle East, and Africa , because
she had ever dealing with him in the past and had presented a report that impressed him very much. In my
opinion, if the Senior vice President agrees with her decision, it will be a good opportunity for her to stay in
this company, otherwise, she had better leave the company. I think it*s easy for her to find out another job
with such experience, and it also will be more beneficia