Malina Zachman
1. The ties of friendship, if they are true, are really strong. They are the link between friends, and make you who you are. They allow you to give and take and is a connection to people who are there for you. I canít think of an incident where I would break a law for a friend, but if I totally thought it was necessary and there was no other solution, then I suppose I would. I would hurt myself for a friend if it would protect her form serious harm, or lay down my life for her if thatís what she needed. I believe thatís what a true friend would do.
2. Being alone is when you are just by yourself, and you could still be content, but being lonely is when you can either be by yourself or surrounded by people but either way you feel down or depressed. Being alone isnít necessarily a negative thing for most people, we usually all need to be alone sometime or another, but being lonely isnít something people usually want to experience. It can cause depression or leave a person feeling isolated or saddened.
3. The role of dreams is to make people strive for what they want in life, and to make them to work hard to accomplish it. Goals are usually the results of ones dreams. People sets goals to achieve their dreams, they are destinations of peopleís desires. I tend to think goals are necessary to give people something to work for, a meaning to their life. If nobody had goals, people wouldnít have anything to look forward to.
4. Insane is when a person is crazy, or has lost their ability to think straight. This person can be dangerous or a threat to society. A mentally ill person is someone who canít think or comprehend like a normal person. This is an illness which can be cared for and in some cases cured. A mental handicap is a permanent condition in which your brain has been altered resulting from a severe accident or even form birth. A mentally handicapped person can think and sometimes speak, yet the capability of their brain is not on the same level as an average person.