Making a resolution & seeing through the New Year

As the ball dropped on December 31, 1998, millions of Americans engaged in the same activity: the traditional reciting of their resolutions for the year to come. A resolution is something of a goal. Itís merely a flaw or an imperfection that we would like to overcome. Many of us make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals for ourselves and we tend to get discouraged when we fail to meet our own expectations. Lighten up people, we make these in efforts for ourselves.
While making these resolutions for the New Year we should keep a few things in mind. For starters, lets not try to over do ourselves. Set realistic goals. Donít try to accomplish something that is out of your control. For example, ďIíd like to loose 20 pounds in the next three weeks.Ē Hello, I know I donít work for the Physic Friends Network but I donít see that happening, at least in a healthy way. If loosing weight is something youíd like to do try to cut off a pound a week. This way, after three weeks realizing that youíre not 20 pounds lighter, you wonít go into a state of deep depression.
Another idea is to set steps for our selves. Make up our own game plan. The first week try to determine the time it will take to accomplish your task. Decide which actions must be taken in order to achieve your resolution. Break it down. Then work backwards toward the resolution, allowing a smooth trail to success. This may also lower the amount of stress that we place on ourselves to get everything done at once.
In addition to establishing steps, make a list. On one side write down all of the positive things about your goal. Make sure you also acknowledge all of the sacrifices that must be made for the succession of your resolution. This way everything is out on the table, so to speak. You will be aware of whatís to come, both good and bad.
Something that Iíve found that helps is keeping your goal to your self. Think of it as a secret. No one else needs to know what your resolution is except for you. This way you wonít feel the pressure of anyone else to succeed. You will be doing it solely for yourself. Donít get me wrong, Iím not saying that positive reinforcement is a bad thing, nor is an ally, but you may feel a little pressured knowing that people are watching to see if you can stay with your resolution.
Be clear about your resolution. Know exactly what it is that youíre trying to do. If you were to explain your resolution to someone else, would they be able to understand? Try to be as precise as possible. Be able to answer questions for yourself. Being serious is also a key idea. The more you think about it and feel good, the more determined you should become. For example, ďEven though Iíve been a dedicated smoker for the past 15 years Iím going to quite right now.Ē After saying this, you light up a cigarette. Call me crazy, but I really donít consider that to be serious game plan. You really have to want it.
The final obstacle to jump over is the ďreward process.Ē It usually isnít a very good idea to reward your self while progressing towards success. This may break your guard down. You may think, ďOkay, Iíve resisted all of those Twinkies this week so I can have a Ding Dong now.Ē Is that really a good idea? The final reward should come when you realize that you have successfully completed your resolution. Most of all, it should come with the self-satisfaction that comes from within.
Overall, I hope that everyone, who chooses to take on a resolution, does succeed. Just remember the resolution is for the year of 1999. That means that we have up until the year of 2000 to finish. And look on the bright side, if we donít finish this year we can resolute to do it again next year. Good luck to everyone and Happy New Year!