Main Characters

Daniel Forrester

Other wise known as Danny had been one of the strongest radio men in the Sixth Regiment and has always been there to help you when your in need. Danny however is a youngin’ joining the Marines at the age of only 18. He chose joining the Marines right after hearing about Pearl Harbor and gives up a free ride to Georgia Tech to be an engineer to be a marine. Before his life in the marines however he had a girlfriend named Kathleen Walker which he loved dearly and soon marries after a couple years while he was still in the Marines. Danny is one of the few survivors that lives through most of this novel and returns home because he had shrapnel lodged in his arm.

During the first third of the book, you see through Danny’s eyes and what he thinks.

A quote that would best describe him would be “Not bad looking, but awfully young. A cherry, no doubt” This was said by Mac when they first met.


“They call me Mac, the names unimportant” This is the ole’ hardened Marine that’s been through everything from the slick brown hills of Korea, to Legation guard in London and Paris. Mac has been in the Marines for 30 years, and to be specific, in the radio squad. Mac is the man who will tell you what to do even if you don’t want to hear it, he’ll be straight forward and get you through it. Mac is like an onion. The thing about Mac is that he seems like a tough ole’ geezer but once you get to know him; he becomes your best friend.

Marion Hodgekiss

Sister Mary is this mans nickname which fits him well for he is one of the nicest and cleanest marines in the regiment. Only a few times has he drunken any alcohol and has never smoked in his life. Sister Mary is the man if you need any advice or any information pertaining to the world. All Marion listens to is classical on the record player he brings everywhere and you can usually tell what kind of man he is by what he listens to.

Samuel Huxley

Highpockets Huxley, the Major of the best regiment, the Sixth. Huxley lead his regiment hard, almost too hard but that’s why they’re the best. Sam is a 6 foot 3 lean, beast of a man, also known as a goat because of his amazing hiking skills. Once they went on a 60 mile hike in less then 4 days and on the way back promised a 3 day leave if they could beat the amazing time of less then 3 days. Sam however wasn’t in a car riding to their destination; he was upfront being everything a Major should be. Sam Huxley believes in himself and his second battalion and that’s why he’s so strong. Never has their been such a battalion as the second ever.

L.Q. Jones

L.Q., is the comedic relief in this novel. He’s the jokester, the nice guy, the brother of them all. L.Q. has a heavy set frame and is pretty dependable but still is just a junior really. He makes friends fast and that’s what helps him bond with all the other guys, always there to help you whether you’re in a fight or need a couple extra dollars for the tab.