Magic Kingdom for Sale, Sold
The title in this book tells what the beginning of the book is about. The title does reveal some information about what will happen, but only enough to get someone interested in the book. From knowing what the title is I already had an idea of what was going to happen in the book. I had the idea that a magic kingdom was sold to someone, but I didn't know whom. I found out that that person was Ben Holiday, and that the magic kingdom was called Landover.

In the book it didn't tell me too much about Ben's appearance. I imagined Ben to be about 35 to 40 years old. He would have to be pretty athletic because he was once a boxer. Which would also mean that he would be strong. I picture him to be about average size and height. I could tell that he took care of himself pretty well because he wondered if they brushed their teeth in Landover and other things throughout the book.
Ben's personality was shown throughout the book in many ways. He thought of his wife many times through the book which should his devotion and love to her. He was a very persistent person, but along with his persistence went his stubbornness. He was very persistent that he was going to go to Landover. Once in Landover he was so stubborn not to leave that nothing would make him leave. Ben was also very confident in himself, that once he started something he would continue until it was completed, at any point in the whole book all that he had to do was remove a medallion and he would be back in his home world. Just going to Landover showed his confidence in himself. He would have to be very brave to go to Landover and to stay in Landover through all of the things that happened to him. He had to ride on the back of a dragon save his friends along with many other things.
Ben did change throughout the book, but not in many ways, but changed significantly in the ways by which he did. He became braver by completing his mission that he had set for. He gained an understanding that not everything was the way he believed it to be. By the end of the book he accepted the fact that he could live without his wife even though it would not be the same. His life had changed from what his life was like on Earth and it would never be the same again.

The setting in this book is extremely important. The book takes place on another magical world called Landover. Ben got to Landover through a doorway between the two worlds. Everything in Landover his depends on the existence of a faithful king. The world of Landover is surrounded by a mist that is a fairy world that links Landover and many other worlds like earth together. Landover has trees that you can live off of by eating the branches. The world of Landover needs magic to stay in existence. If the magic ever died away Landover would not have anything left on it. Landover has people from many different worlds that left there own to be there. Landover takes place in a medieval period. On Landover there is also the land of Abaddon. Only demons and dragons can get there. Everything in Abaddon is reverse of everything on Landover.

I liked everything about the book. To begin off it was a fiction book and I like fiction books. It was also had a magical medieval setting. The plot of the whole book was always interesting, so I never got bored reading the book. Another reason I liked reading it was it was unique and like nothing I have read before. The author also went into great detail to describe the setting, which gave me quick image of what everything looked like.
The characters of the book had personalities that I thought made the book better. The character of Ben was very easy to relate to. He may have made some hasty decisions, but they made the book better. Like after he used the Io Dust to take Nightshade under his control he